BoJ Gunto #002: Antique Shin-Gunto 547

BoJ Gunto #002: Antique Shin-Gunto 547

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A unique and very affordable Navy Gunto made by WWII military swordmaker Seki Kanenobu. Available at what is truly a bargain price.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: Shipped Directly From Japan within 1-2 weeks.

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While most Gunto from world war II were either mass produced or were older blades mounted in new fittings, there were also a handful of blades made by Japanese smiths DURING the war. This is one such piece, made by the wartime sword maker Seki Kanenobu. This smith came from a long line of swordmakers famous in the Seki region, and this piece in particular was forged for an officer whose name, Arakawa, can be found inscribed under the Fuchi of the handle..

The other details of this blade are lost to time and the fog of war, the only other clue the serial number 216 stamped into the Tsuba, seppa and fuchi.

Considerably more ornate than most generic Gunto swords, the tsuba is unique being made from 3 pieces sandwiched together (making it extra strong to receive potential impacts from Chinese Dadao), and the saya is quite special, covered with rayskin and then decked out in the required military brass fittings.

The blade itself is in reasonable condition, though has several pitted areas and some patina towards the tip in particular and other scratches and marks suggesting it was used on at least one occasion. Somehow or other, it was able to return to Japan, where it has sat for many decades and is now once again poised to embark on its final journey from the land of the rising sun to its new owner.

It can either be kept as is for a museum, private collection or brought back to mint condition with a restorative polish. If you become its new custodian, the choice is yours..

How to Use

This is a functional antique and you become it's new custodian. While it can certainly still be used for cutting, we recommend it is preserved for future generations and handed down as a family heirloom.
Blade length : 631mm (24.84 in.) Curvature : 17mm (0.67 in.) Total length : 690mm (27.17 in.) Motohaba : 30.8mm (1.21 in.) Sakihaba : 21.5mm (0.85 in.) Motokasane : 7.6mm (0.30 in.) Sakikasane : 5.3mm (0.21 in.) Blade Weight : 696g Total Weight : 1441g

Materials and Construction

Made for the Japanese Imperial Army by Seki Kanenobu during WWII. All original fittings with leather combat sheathe, cotton ito over full rayskin wrap. 3 piece tsuba set. Rayskin covered saya.
FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING directly to you by the current owner in Japan. Please allow 1-2 weeks after ordering to process the necessary paperwork for export.

Return Policy

Please note that no returns are possible on this sword as Japanese law permits only sword exports and cannot be returned/imported back to Japan.