SBG Limited Edition - Yukiken

SBG Limited Edition - Yukiken

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Limited Edition Piece - sold out and no longer available to order.

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The Limited edition Yukiken is one of my favorite designs due to its 'pure' snow themed appearance and extremely sleek profile.

As to be expected, the 29” blade itself is very high quality but the snow white fittings and hamidashi tsuba really give it some character.

Another distinctive feature of this design, is a high quality saya with genuine rayskin wrap.

How to Use

Designed for frequent martial arts cutting practice and display.
Blade Length: 29" Handle Length: 11" Weight: 2lbs 4oz Point of Balance: 7"

Materials and Construction

Differentially Hardened T10 Tool Steel Sharpened Blades with Real Hamon. Cotton wrapped ito with real black dyed rayskin. Textured Black Saya.
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Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Pleasant Surprise 03/04/2015
By Bobby
After a long time of debate, I finally decided to buy this sword. I couldn't be more pleased with the product.

First Impression:
The sword arrived via UPS in 3 business days in a heavy duty cardboard box. The sword itself was in a simple but nice black sword bag and placed inside a cut-to-form block of styrofoam.
The tsuka was covered with a layer of protective plastic, so the white ito was kept clean. The floral design on the
Fuchi and Kashira match wonderfully. The Same on the textured black saya is very well done; without any odd bumps or unevenness.
The blade itself is beautiful. Pictures can't do it justice. There is a clear hamon line that never touches the edge of the blade. The kissaki is of the newer style presented with the SBG Custom Katana. The entire blade is a smooth mirror polish that, after much inspection, I can find no flaws with. This is easily the most beautiful sword in my collection.
The only flaw I found was with the saya: The grip on the blade was far too tight. A few moments with a hobby file was all it took to fix the problem, so no lasting worries.

Test Cutting:
The first cuts I performed were on the packaging the sword came in. This thing cuts like nothing I've every practiced with. Every cut was smooth, even, and met with little resistance. Moving on to light tatami was a breeze and I was able to make quick work of several mats.
The surprise came when I became a bit overzealous and attempted some cuts on double tatami mats. This was a first for me. The first cut was as good as any cut I'm able to perform, but the second was a flop. A bad angle left me fearing some edge rolling, but all I could find is a fantastically sharp, straight, smooth edge.

I know some people would be concerned about the dirt/grease/grime build up on the ito, but I find it pleasing. It reminds me of my first white belt in martial arts from when I was a kid. I practiced and practiced and practiced in that belt until it was nearly stained black with all the effort of training. I hope it's the same with this sword. That I can practice with it until my effort shows.

Overall : 5/5
Pros : Strong blade able to forgive a bad cut, crisp presentation, great polish, evident hamon, fast shipping

Cons : Saya grips too tightly out of box