The Hobgoblin Kogarasu Nagamaki Ninjato

The Hobgoblin Kogarasu Nagamaki Ninjato

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Bujinkan style all black on black styled Shinobigatana (Ninja Sword) with Japanese 'Hobgoblin' inspired fittings.
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Here is a Ninjato with a difference! Based on a Ko Katana with extra long handle and Kogarasu "crows beak" double edged tip - the end result is an extremely versatile and unusual sword that is used more like a short halted glaive than a Katana, but by using various grip position combinations, it can be used in a number of very surprising ways and is especially suited to indoor use or use in confined spaces where other swords need more room to move.

Featuring solid copper, gold and silver plated "Bakemono" (Japanese Hobgoblin) themed fittings, black leather ito with hishigami and all black fittings - the Hobgoblin Ninjato evokes the legends of Japanese mythical creatures instructing human Ninja warriors the darkest secrets of their shadowy art. 


While the designs vary, all the blades in the series are made from the same classic differentially hardened T10 Tool Steel our SBG Black Dragon Forge has made so well for us since 2008.

The stunning, tempered blades are all hand made in the traditional method and then tempered to produce an authentic hamon.

Special attention is paid to small details like the blade termination - those models with bo-hi are carved by hand instead of rounded by machine like almost every other sword at this price point. Each blade also has a real boshi and yokote.

Likewise fittings are also given special care with, ito wraps alternate, materials and fittings are all top quality and each sword is carefully inspected for flaws and defects resulting in a very high quality product that we have priced to make a very limited quantity run of (10) pcs available.

Blade length: 57 cm (22 in)
Overall length: 94 cm (37 in)
Weight: 1 lb 5oz
POB: 2 in from tsuba


T10 Tool Steel Blade with natural hamon
High Quality Components

Made Exclusively for SBG by the Black Dragon Forge, makers of the SBG custom Katana since 2008.


Satisfaction Guaranteed. We proudly stand behind every product we sell. If you are not absolutely pleased with your purchase you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase in original condition for your choice of an exchange or refund (excluding shipping fees). Click here for more info on our guarantees

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average rating 100%
A Rare and Marvelous Weapon 09/29/2014
By Nick Tockert - Head of The Historical Fencing Guild
I had the distinct pleasure of extensively handing this weapon (a friend of mine works in distributing these products). I cannot TELL you how much I rejoiced in the smooth draw of the weapon. The Balance is SUPERB. Also for someone who has studied multiple styles, the quick draw of a wakizashi combined the sheer brutal leverage of a polearm is simply a dream come true. The design is both elegant in appearance and applicable in tactical situations; this is a weapon one can EASILY practice with and if necessary wield indoors. I am a man of slightly small stature and deplorably short arm length and the draws with decided ease and allows for Iaido drilling delightfully. The ONLY potential downside is it's distinctive tip and partial double edge as some purists may not enjoy the aesthetic. Being that most of my background is in Western Martial Arts, I ADORE this weapon and beg the makers to produce more Nagamaki, especially in a practical line.