Tatami Omote Cutting Mats - Box of 20pcs

Tatami Omote Cutting Mats - Box of 20pcs

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Heavy duty Tatami Omote/Goza Cutting Mats for Tameshigiri. Box of 20pcs - works out at $10.49 per mat. Hard to source, rarely in stock - current stock from 10 cases only..!

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The most traditional cutting target for Tameshigiri (test cutting practice), our Tatami Omote mats are designed to test both cutting technique, edge alignment and of course, the real cutting ability of a given sword.

When rolled and soaked overnight, a single mat has a consistency extremely similar to a human arm - and can be made to represent the torso by using two mats with a bamboo or softwood dowel insert (this knowledge is based on a period in Japanese history during the transition between cutting condemned criminals and trying to find a similar, more humane, substitute. Through trial and error, it was found that the consistently of a rolled mat and human flesh is remarkably similar against a blade).

Check out a little video I did showing how realistic tatami mats really are (as quite often, a good sword and a good cut can sever them with minimal effort, making some people think they are not realistic targets. But if you compare what other blades do to a rolled mat, the true cutting power of swords becomes very apparent.

Mats can be cut in half (half mat) to extend their usage and to challenge speed and technique and rolled while at the other end of the spectrum, two or more mats can be rolled together as one or lined up side by side for extreme power cutting.

How to Use

Fold the mat in half and roll as tightly as possible. Tie with cord or rubber bands. Fill a large container with water, weigh the mats down and soak from 5-24 hours as desired. Clean/wipe blade after each usage.
Woven Igusa Rush (Juncus effusus)
Usually Ships within 1-2 business days by Fed Ex from Chino in California ($20). Due to the weight and size of the box, can only be shipped to the USA. Click here for more shipping information