BoJ Katana #006: Gendaito Mumei 105461

BoJ Katana #006: Gendaito Mumei 105461

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Unsigned Gendaito (recently made) Nihonto made soon after the end of World War II. Includes Shirasaya mounting and original fittings. Available now at a drastically reduced price for immediate sale.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: Shipped Directly From Japan and includes all relevant certificates of authenticity.

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Made from Tamahagane steel in sometime in the 1940s, this Gendaito (modern era sword) is lacking in information and is somewhat mysterious, with an unsigned (Mumei - no name) tang and little background information other than it was made in the difficult period soon after WWII, when the future of Japanese sword making was sorely in question.

Whether or not it was not signed to avoid potential legal trouble during this period, when there were active attempts to steer Japan away from its militant past and stamp out traditional martial arts and weapons, or whether it was the work of a more famous smith who was happy enough with the sword to release it but not up to his usual standard is unknown. But the mystery just makes this piece all the more interesting - especially when you consider it's extremely low price tag.

It comes with both Shirasaya and the original Koshirae and has not been restored or touched up in any way since it was re-discovered, though the saya is worse for wear towards the Kojiri - the finely hand drawn engraved Dragon is still clearly visible - and the side mounted Kozuka knife has disappeared into the mists of time. But otherwise, it is as it was when it was first made, all fittings conforming to a Dragon theme and with many luxury features such as 12-14K gold wrapped copper base seppa, gold embossed over iron fuchigashira and a gorgeous solid silver habaki.

As an older Gendaito, the blade has a basic low grade polish and some leftover rust and stains from use (most probably training on Tatami mats).

Normally to have a sword like this made new could easily cost upwards of $10,000 - but it is available at a fraction of that price due to the condition of the fittings and unknown provenance.

Only a standard Juho-token-tui-torokosho is included with this sword as it is not an antique and the smith who made it is only relatively recently deceased.

How to Use

This is a recently made, genuine Japanese Nihonto and you become it's new custodian.
Blade Length (Nagasa): 26" (66CM), Sori: 0.66" (1.7CM), Motohaba: 1.22" (3.1CM), Sakihaba: 0.82" (2.1CM), Weight: 1.38lbs (630g).

Materials and Construction

Genuine Japanese Tamahagane blade made in the late 1940s. Mounted in both Shirasaya (plain housing) and also includes the original fittings: black silk ito over a full rayskin wrap, iron fuchigashira with gold embossing, hand carved iron tsuba with dragon theme, gold (12-14k) wrapped copper seppa, Honoki wood saya with black lacquer (faded and damaged towards the Kojiri) and a Dragon themed trace design.
FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Shipped directly to you by the current owner in Japan.