BoJ Katana #007: Antique Kanemoto Shirasaya 5900

BoJ Katana #007: Antique Kanemoto Shirasaya 5900

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A true bargain, papered 16th century Katana in Shirasaya by the famous smith Kanemoto (Sekinomaboroku – son of Maboroku). Insane pricing for such an old blade in almost pristine condition.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: Shipped Directly From Japan and includes all certificates of authenticity.

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Truly an amazing deal - this is a genuine NHBTK papered (Origami 179669) 16th century blade made by the 3rd or 4th generation of the famous Kanemoto family (believed to have been made by Sekinomaboroku – son of Maboroku).

Mounted several times over the centuries, the nakago (tang) has three holes in it so was completely remounted at least 3 times and while these fittings have since been lost, this fine blade is housed in a rich brown Shirasaya made from Japanese Honoki wood, though the age of the Shirasaya itself is unknown.

With a very prominent Sanbon sugi, Togari Go No Me hamon, the 2shaku, 2sun, 1bu and 5ri (approx 67.12CM or 26 1/2") nagasa blade is quite stunning to behold and in remarkable condition considering its age.

Complimented by a hand made copper habaki wrapped in a jacket of 12-14K gold, it makes the perfect entry level sword for the budding collector of antique Nihonto and it's price is far below its true market value, allowing one lucky person to snag a real bargain.

While the hamon is clearly visible, the basic polish has some patina here and there.

There are no indications of battle damage, though this does not mean that it was never raised in anger, only that there are no visible marks indicating that it had made contact with another blade or damaging target of any type.

Under normal circumstances a papered antique blade fully mounted in its original fittings like this one would sell for close to $5-7,000 but due to tough economic conditions effecting antique prices in Japan, the heavy discount available to us is passed on to you allowing you to pick it up for a fraction of its full value.

How to Use

This is a functional antique and you become it's new custodian. While it can certainly still be used for cutting, we recommend it is preserved for future generations and handed down as a family heirloom.
Blade Length (Nagasa): 26.4" (67.12CM), Sori: 0.59" (1.5CM), Motohaba: 1.22" (3.1CM), Sakihaba: 0.86" (2.2CM), Weight: 1.27lbs (580g)

Materials and Construction

Antique Muromachi period Tamahagane blade made by the 3rd of 4th Kanemoto, circa 1521 to 1532AD. Sanbon sugi, Tohgari Go no me hamon. Gold wrapped copper base habaki. Mounted in Shirasaya (Honoki wood).
Shipped directly to you by the current owner in Japan. Please note that in rare cases one of the antique blades that we offer may be identified as a national treasure during the export process. In the unlikely event that this happens, we will have no choice but to cancel your order and refund you in full.