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Last Time it sold out in a couple of days

And there's only a few left of Hanwei's most popular NEW Katana

Dragon King Ogami Itto Katana - Lone Wolf and Cub
$799.98 $1,199.00


Differentially Hardened T10 Tool Steel Blade with Prominent, Real Hamon. A faithful replica of the sword used by the Japanese Anti-hero appearing on Japanese TV and made into a move in the 1970s with amazing blade, saya and kozuka throwing knife in the handle.

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The Official SBG Sword Store has been designed with one end in mind, to take the pain and risk out of buying swords online for members of the Sword collecting community. As collectors ourselves, we only stock swords that we would buy ourselves. But also as sword buyers, we also price our swords as low as possible, using our position within the sword industry to bring you many exclusive deals and specials simply not available anywhere else.

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Not only do you get a great deal everytime - but by shopping with us the profits from your purchase are re-invested into new projects and used to fund the informational pages of our site, the SBG Sword Forum, Sword Buyers Digest Newsletter, the Legendary Swords Project, and our own historical research. Truly win-win, every time you buy a sword with us the sword industry gets a little bit stronger.

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Paul Southren, Store Owner

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