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October 11, 2018

The Last 10 - NOW Taking Pre-Orders

This is it - the last 10 of 20. The first 10 had all available pre-order slots spoken for within 48 hours. Who knows how long it will take to get all ten places filled this time, but once filled, that's it.

Don't miss out

Longship Armoury Odin's Oar, Sword of Runa the Martyr of Stormwater
$2,750.00 $4,800.00

The Final 10..

October 11, 2018: Limited Edition  L6/O1 Bainite Pattern Welded Fantasy Viking Sword hand made in the USA by John Lundemo and KC Lund. Only 20pcs will ever be made. FINAL round of 10pcs with expected delivery in late June 2019.

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