SBG Custom Katana

Available exclusively at SBG since 2008, the SBG Custom Katana project is your opportunity to design your own personalized, high quality, martial arts grade Katana, Wakizashi or Tanto at a fraction of the usual price and wait time you would usually expect for a customized design of this level of quality.

 The only downside is the wait - but if you can stand that - you will be rewarded..


After more than 10 years and 45 successful batches, price pressure and unfair business practices by Chinese based vendors (we cannot compete with lies - underpromise and overdeliver fails against aggressive and dishonest marketing) has been slowly eroding the viability of this sword line. As such, the next batch is on indefinite hold so in the meantime if you are looking for a custom made Katana check out our other available options HERE

FREE SHIPPING to the USA and Canada from our Canadian warehouse based in Manitoba, Canada. You can check on the current status of the batch anytime by clicking here or just contact us with your order number and the batch details to request an update and we will get back to you asap.

Tracking information is emailed automatically after final inspection and shipping. As the swords are already imported by this point, Canadian customers do not need to pay any additional duties or tariffs.

Non US and Canadian orders can only be shipped using the services of a third party shipping service. Some recommendations are available on our shipping policies page.




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