SBG Custom Katana Updates

Just a quick update, the classic SBG Custom Katana – Batch 45 – is nearing completion at the forge. The original due date on these is sometime around this time next month which means that we are more or less on track for timely delivery as expected.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of pics of four of the swords in this batch

Talking about pictures, on a slightly different but related note, we just added some huge hi resolution pics of each of the very attractive themed sword furniture sets (Koshirae) for the limited re-release of Project X Japanese showing the tsuba’s from the front and the rear.

The pics are really quite big so you can click on them and zoom in accordingly. Here is an example of the first custom set in the series, the set we used for the Torakami Katana all those years ago..

You can see the line up here – spaces are indeed filling quite quickly so if you want to get in on these, time may not be on your side..

New from the Black Dragon Forge!

It has been quite a few years since we have had any stock of the Black Dragon Forge, the name we have given to swords made by the forge we use to create the legendary SBG Custom Katana series.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce a limited supply of new and improved designs are now available for immediate shipping.

This time around we have four models on offer – a new and improved version of the Classic Black Dragon elite, with folded T10 tool steel blade, real hamon, rayskin wrapped saya, leather ito with hishigami – you name it, it has it..

Click here for more info

This sword alone is worth the price of admission, and is complimented by its cousin, a Sanmai laminated sword with a similar classic style but with a rattan reinforced saya.

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The one we have the least stock of is a classic redesign of the Yakuza inspired Oyabun Shirasaya – perfect as it is, or a great way to get hold of one of the SBG T10 Black Dragon blades for a remounting project – for these blades are some of the finest around – strong, sharp, well tempered, beautiful and with real geometic yokote and highly polished kissaki normally only ever seen on swords with a four figure price tag – never mind a tad over $300…

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And finally, a truly original design and part of the Legendary Swords Project – the Hobgoblin Jintachi we have named the Bakemonogatana.

While the sword is functional sword art, it is based on real world designs seen in Filipino fighting swords, the Turkish Kijili and the Bujinkan Shibobigatana and is extremely versatile and has a rich backstory to accompany it as the weapon crafted and used by the brutal Hogoblins – changelings from the Harmonious Isles that have come to Eletreus and dominated the worlds last known supply of Coronatite..

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You can read the full backstory on this sword here at our sister site, Legendary

Stocks are very limited – 10pcs each of the Elite Mk II and the Sanmai Katana, 4 of the Oyabun and 20 Hobgoblins. And once sold, who knows when they will be restocked (from memory, it has been at least 3 years). So at the very least have a look and see what’s on offer before they are gone. They make ideal Christmas gifts as they are new and rare, there is no danger of buying one of these and finding the recipient already has one..!

More deals coming soon as we ramp up for Christmas sales so be sure to check back often!

Custom Katana Batch 44 is closed..

Apologies for the lack of updates, I actually had to move house in the last few days and the timing is less than ideal as of course every day I miss a day of work, it piles up into a mountain of stuff to get through – and from today my goal is to chip that mountain back into a manageable molehill..

Anyway, back to the topic at hand – we just closed off on the last batch of custom swords for 2018. Normally I would have said ‘custom katana’ but this time around for some reason about 50% of our orders for this batch are actually Wakizashi Daisho sets..! Not sure why, but its interesting to note..

So yes, over the next few days I will be confirming all the customization choices and making sure that all the details are correct before we send the order through as a batch to the forge. And trying to find which bag of stuff I put my socks in (ah, the joys of moving house.. Argh)..

Update you all again soon.

– Paul

It’s finally here – batch 44 of the Custom Katana!

We had to keep pushing this one back thanks to 4 swords from the previous batch that shipped separetly from the main batch and spent longer than usual clearing customs. But the good news is, better late than never, batch 44 is now open until the 17th of October to take new orders.

This is a pretty rare opportunity – this is only the second batch this year and will be the last for 2018 as well. And even though we REALLY should increase the price, at least this time, it is still a bargain at just $429.99..

Yeah, we really do need to push that price up soon.. Anyway, it’s here, it’s open – and if you want one, you know what to do:

SBG Custom Katana

SBG Custom Katana – nearly ready for next orders!

We had to keep on pushing it back again and again, thanks to 4 swords that needed a little extra time to make, and then got stuck in customs for weeks… But now that these last few swords are finally clear and about to ship out to their patient customers, the time to open up for another batch of SBG Custom Katana is nearly upon us.

Price pressure is very much upon on with this batch – but at least for this batch, we will bite the bullet and keep it at the price it has been for many years now – $429.99 shipped. The quality of each batch has also been getting better – the most recent batch had a zero error rate, and only one sword failed QC as it had been dropped somewhere along the line and the tip was damaged slightly – so that one will be remade and the damaged sword sold off..

While it might not be unusual to experience a little damage like that on a sub $500 sword, as you know we QC these swords like they are priced in the thousands – and the end result, very, very happy customers.. Here is a pic one of the customers from this current batch had to say..

The quality is unbelievable – thick Mune, alternating Tsukamaki, ghosting hamon, extra hard edge, highly polished Kissaki.  I’m impressed.  Here’s a pic of “Zero” (that’s what I named it).  Thank you.

The downside is the wait time – waiting for the batch to open, close, get made, get inspected, and get shipped. But the upside is the amazing price for what you get, the overall quality of the blade and fittings, and our fine tooth comb QC – these swords are seriously underpriced and it is no wonder that people keep asking ‘can we take orders yet?’…

Well, the answer is, very soon – and if all goes well – we will be able to offer some Black Dragon swords from stock at the same time.. So watch this space SBG Custom Katana fans..!