Custom Katana Batch 44 is closed..

Apologies for the lack of updates, I actually had to move house in the last few days and the timing is less than ideal as of course every day I miss a day of work, it piles up into a mountain of stuff to get through – and from today my goal is to chip that mountain back into a manageable molehill..

Anyway, back to the topic at hand – we just closed off on the last batch of custom swords for 2018. Normally I would have said ‘custom katana’ but this time around for some reason about 50% of our orders for this batch are actually Wakizashi Daisho sets..! Not sure why, but its interesting to note..

So yes, over the next few days I will be confirming all the customization choices and making sure that all the details are correct before we send the order through as a batch to the forge. And trying to find which bag of stuff I put my socks in (ah, the joys of moving house.. Argh)..

Update you all again soon.

– Paul

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