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X Archive - Project X - The Dragon Dao

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ARCHIVED - No Longer Available

Premium Quality, Master Smith Forged Soshu Kitae Blade.

$1,799.99 $3,340.00 You Save $1,540.01
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The second sword by Master Xiaolong and perhaps the most deadly, the Dragon Dao is a fierce, full power one handed cutting sword. The original sword this historically accurate, musuem quality replica is based upon is a Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) piece,  accumulating some 2,000 years of sword making knowledge and is equally fearsome in both appearance and raw cutting practicality.. An exact historical replica of the original blade housed in the Fujian Museum, no expense has been spared to create one of the finest swords money can buy. 

The 1095 high carbon steel blade blade is personally hand forged, folded and differentially hardened by the master himself that will cut like a one handed Katana (a good Dao, which is a dedicated cutting sword, is one of my personal favorite swords - and this particular piece, the personal favorite of Chris Scoggin, project X partner and owner of Ronin Katana! This is one of the swords we are PROUDEST to offer to the sword collecting community). 

Naturally, such a fine blade demands luxurious fittings - and one look at the Dragon Dao clearly shows that no expense was spared in this area. 

From the hand finished, brass dragon themed handguard, pommel and scabbard fittings to the extensive use of blackened A grade rayskin (full handle AND scabbard wrap) - the Dragon Dao is pure class and in a league of its own. 

Now available at a special pre-order price and guaranteed "cherry pick" of the best of the batch with expected delivery in early October 2014.   

Check out the video below from a visit to the Longquan sword museum - if you want to skip to the part where the master is in the shop talking about the Dragon Dao, click here 

Normally RMB20,800 (Approx US$3,400+), the Master has kindly agreed to make it available to the broader (outside of China) sword collecting market at a massively discounted pre-order price of just $1,799.99 with no duties, customs fees or paperwork required (US sales only, Non-US orders are welcome but as these swords will be shipped from Texas, cross border duties and tariffs may still apply). 

Don't miss out, most Project X designs are one offs, this isn't a repeat design you will see time and time again.. 

Luxurious quality with a magnificent cutting blade. Project X Chinese.

How to Use

Suitable for sword practice in a traditional martial arts setting or high end display. Heirloom Quality.
Length in Scabbard: 98CM (38.5") Blade length: 71CM (28") Blade Width: 3.5cm (1.37") Handle Length: 20CM (7.87") Weight: 1.6kg/2.7kg with scabbard (3.52lbs/5.95lbs)

Materials and Construction

Mastersmith Forged and Folded 1095 Carbon Steel blade with art finish polish. Premium tanwood and hand sculpted brass fittings. Heirloom quality.
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Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information