Darksword 1805 - Stiletto Dagger

Darksword 1805 - Stiletto Dagger

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The ultimate fantasy assassins blade - based on a historical design. Scabbard not included, unsharpened edge (but very pointed tip).

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An assassin moves quickly in the night, his short blade stabs out, and he is on his way while his victim is still realizing he has been mortally wounded. A woman is receiving unwanted attention from a large, smelly man, and suddenly pulls a short blade from her gown or corset. If these scenes sound familiar to you, then you have probably seen the Stiletto in action on screen or in the pages of historical or fantasy fiction.

The Stylet or Stiletto originated in Italy during the 15th century. It is the smallest of daggers, easily concealed, lightest in weight, ideal for surprise attacks. Not meant for dueling or slashing, these daggers were exclusively thrusting weapons, with a strong triangular sectional blade to aid in punching through armor and flesh. The dimensions of the stilettos made these daggers a favorite among criminals and assassins, though they were later popular for self defense. Darksword Armory is pleased to bring a functional Stiletto to the market, though we must request that our customers refrain from any assassination attempts with it...

The Stylet or stiletto is the smallest of daggers, easily concealed, lightest in weight, with a strong triangular sectional blade. The dimensions of the stilettos made these daggers a favorite among assassins. The dagger was easy to conceal, enabling assassins to follow their would be victims at close rage without being spotted.

This Stiletto is a reproduction from one on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. The total length is 13 inches.

How to Use

Exclusively a thrusting blade
Total length: 13″

Materials and Construction

5160 Sharpened Spring Steel Blade, Dual Tempered with an edge HRC of 60 and core HRC of 50. All steel components, no scabbard included.
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Great Dagger 01/31/2021
By Keera
I was a little worried ordering from a website that was not a major website and spending $80, but I did it and I could not be more pleased. The dagger is small and concealable, not a sword for sure, but it is sharp on the end and a good quality metal. Highly recommend.