Ryujin 65MN Spring Steel FOLDED 13th Century Knightly Arming Sword

Ryujin 65MN Spring Steel FOLDED 13th Century Knightly Arming Sword

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Amazing Value on this Limited Offer - Hand Forged, Folded to create a Damascus pattern and Hand Sharpened 65MN Spring Steel Blade with genuine leather grip, iron fittings and PEENED pommel for maximum traditional durability (plus free bonus wood core faux-leather scabbard and belt suspension system).

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Brought to you by the people behind Ryujin Swords is yet another lucky find - a small stack of really well made, high quality full tang medieval swords with iron fittings that were made available to us just before the forge making them went out of business and have been snapped up by a local associate..

Based on the typical 13th century Knighty single handed 'arming sword' - it was used extensively in the 13th and 14tn centuries simply because - it worked. In both the cut and the thrust, and was capable of precision when needed to defeat the weak points in armor (and was typically used in conjunction with a shield and a gameness or maille) yet as illustrated perfectly in the 13th century Morgan Family Bible.

Made from tough 65MN Monotempered Spring Steel, it features an Oakeshott J Type wheel pommel and a slight variant of a type 2 cruciform hand guard. The wood core handle has three closely spaced risers to give it a comfortable and secure grip even under the stresses of the most intense battle.

Balanced like a good Type XII should be but with some extra 'punch' the blade weighs a 2lbs 9oz and is balanced within 5" of the guard, making it fast and precise.

Swords are full tang with a PEENED pommel for maximum traditional durability. Each sword also comes with a bonus wood core, faux leather lined scabbard, frog (belt suspension system) and period appropriate belt to provide the complete package at a fraction of its true value - though as it is a FREE bonus and the emphasis is on the blade, one should not expect too much from the scabbard considering the low price point (a well made scabbard costs many times that of this entire package).

As you can plainly see, the blade has been folded several times to produce a Damascus layer that resembles Scandinavian pattern welding techniques of several centuries earlier. In theory, the sword may have minor weld flaws that could cause breakage under extreme useage - pretty much the same as the historical originals. For a beater, check out its monotempered cousin here.

How to Use

Generally speaking, low cost folded swords are not as durable for cutting as the monotempered version. As such, it is recommended more for display, but could in theory hold its own against an actual antique.
Overall (with scabbard): 36", Overall (without scabbard): 34 3/4", Blade length: 27 5/8", Handle length: 6 1/4", Weight (without Scabbard): 2.6lbs Point of balance (from guard): 4 1/2"

Materials and Construction

65MN Spring Steel Hand Forged and Factory Sharpened Blade. Iron fittings with peened pommel for maximum traditional durability. Faux but thick leather wrapped wood core handle. Bonus Wood core, faux leather lined scabbard with iron chape.
Shipped from the Ryujin workshop in Los Angeles within 2 business days. $20 flat rate USA shipping for up to 2 swords, FREE shipping if 3 or more swords ordered at the same time. US orders only. Click here for more shipping information

Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information

Return Policy

<Satisfaction Guaranteed. We proudly stand behind every product we sell. If you are not pleased with your purchase you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase in original, unused condition for a full refund minus shipping and 10% restock fee. Click here for more info on our guarantees

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First Sword Buy 05/23/2020
By Niv
As a guy with no clue about quality of swords and where to buy said quality swords. Sword Buyers Guide is good for having all the relevant info in one website.

That said, as this was my first sword purchase ever, it was either the monotempered brother or the folded steel one. You can rightly guess which one I went for.

The shipping was timely (a day or two late, but who cares?) even with the troubled times we have right now. It came in with a no-nonsense box and the sword is held in place by a few Styrofoam bits.

When I finally set my eyes on it I was not disappointed to say the least.

The blade has that damascus pattern that seems to have almost everyone gaga for. The guard is simple with that etch-bit at both ends which I find tasteful. I find the grip nice to the touch with the stitching showing, but not too noticeable. If you have a look at the pommel, you can see that the sword is peened.

For the blade, the damascus pattern is visible if you shine a light on it. The only other marks one can find is the small "china" etched on one side of the blade.

The sword rattles a bit and slides easily if you tip the scabbard over. Also, bits of the wood core of the scabbard sticks to the blade and sometimes that sword bites into the scabbard as you sheath it.

As for the scabbard itself. Its got what I believe is a stainless steel on both ends of it. I cannot be sure though because when comparing the noise when I scratch both it and the actual sword, sword doesn't make and noticeable sound while the one on the scabbard does. I maybe wrong though, but I'm not complaining. The faux leather on the scabbard is nice to the touch. Though the frog belt is meh in my noobish opinion.

Overall, I think I luck out on this as my first ever purchase and am now thinking of getting a two-hander next. SBG is fueling my burgeoning sword addiction it seems.