Kingdom of Arms Last Crusader Medieval Longsword

Kingdom of Arms Last Crusader Medieval Longsword

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5160 Spring Steel Replica of an early 15th century Oakeshott type XVIIIa Knightly Longsword. In use around the time of the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire. MSRP $776.00

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Crusader Sword: Oakeshott type XVIIIa. Tapering narrow blades, diamond cross-section. In distinction from type XV, these blades almost always feature a raised mid-rib that reinforces the blade for thrusting, and in the examples given in Records of the Medieval Sword, they can be seen to have a less linear and consistent taper along the edge of the blade, sometimes showing a subtle increase of the taper toward the point. The Subtype XVIIIa: have narrow blades with a longer grip. Subtype XVIIIb: Bastard swords with a longer blade and long grip; were in use c. 1450 – c. 1520.

This version features a flared type 5 crossguard with scent stopper pommel - it was plausible that a sword like this was used in what were arguably the very last crusades - as a desperate last force of Christian Serbs and Hungarians were utterly defeated by Sultan Murad II in 1444 and may well have been seen in the hands of one of the last Templars or Hospitalliers, either before or after their relocation to Cyprus.

The Kingdom of Arms replica crusader medieval arming sword features a hand hammered 5160 carbon steel blade as the originals were made, full tang, heat treated and tempered as the originals, for a strong yet flexible blade that will hold a very sharp edge, with a wire wrapped handle.  Comes with a wooden scabbard wrapped in leather with hangers attached.

How to Use

Fully functional sword designed for frequent test cutting practice
Blade Length: 33 Overall Length: 42 1/8 Grip Length: 7 3/8 Weight: 2.6lbs P.O.B.: 3 1/4'' Below Hilt

Materials and Construction

5160 Spring Steel Sharpened Blade. Blued Steel fittings with blackened wire wrapped handle. Wood core leather scabbard with hangers. Premium Quality Construction.
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amazing 11/20/2022
By Josh
This is a nice light blade, beautiful and seems to be quite functional and sharp. The handle wrap is almost coarse and feels great to the touch with good grip. I bought one to give as a gift and after having it in hand had to get another for myself.