Kingdom of Arms Iberian Falcata Sword

Kingdom of Arms Iberian Falcata Sword

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5160 Spring Steel Full tang Ancient Falcata Sword, used with great effect by the Hispanians in pre-Roman times and was the preferred weapon of choice for the Carthagian armies of Hannibal in the second Punic war. One of the most devastatingly effective sword designs ever made during one of the most turbulent and deadly periods in ancient history. MSRP $640.00

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The Falcata is a type of sword typical of pre-Roman Iberia. The falcata was used to great effect for warfare in the ancient Iberian peninsula, and is firmly associated to the southern Iberian tribes, among other ancient peoples of Hispania.  Sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Kopis.  The Kopis is a weapon originated with the Ancient Greeks had a deeper curved blade.  The Iberian Falcata was also referred to as one of the most devastating swords ever made!

The Kingdom of Arms Falcata, made to their exacting specifications by the esteemed forge of Blade Culture International, features a hand hammered 5160 carbon steel blade as the originals were made, full tang, heat treated and tempered as the originals.  The handle is a white wood over a full tang.  The beautiful scabbard is wood with leather accents.

How to Use

Fully functional sword designed for frequent test cutting practice
Length OA: 25.5" Blade: 21.0" Handle: 5.5" Grip: 3.875" Blade thickness: 3/16" Weight: 2.0 lbs 1 oz POB: 5.75"

Materials and Construction

5160 Spring Steel Sharpened Blade. Hand carved steel fittings. White Wooden hand carved and riveted full tang handle. Wooden scabbard with leather accents. Premium Quality Construction.
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Hannibal's choice for three thousand year old weapon technology 11/13/2022
By Sudukas
I recently acquired one of these {from another source, sorry guys, I didn't know you had these}. There is a small selection of this type of sword on the market and this one is on the high end of the price range. The adage that you get what you pay for is often true and in this case it is definitely true. This little beast is lovely and extremely well made and sharper than a razor. I haven't cut with it yet so I can't say on that but from what I see it will live up to Hanibal's recommendation. It is a beautiful example of the modern artisan's effort to do justice to ancient swords and a fine addition to any home defense system. Tee hee. Check out the history and literature on the Falcata. Pretty cool.