APOC Tactical Cutlass

APOC Tactical Cutlass

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Ultra durable 9260 Spring Steel Blade designed by the legendary Gus Trim. MSRP $205.00

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Before the seven seals are torn away... CAS proudly introduces the A.P.O.C. Swords from Dragon King. Whether it be plague, natural disaster, mass hysteria, nuclear fallout, zombies, alien invasion or mankind’s inevitable A.I. war, these tactical swords feature a meek and functional design against unremitting maintenance and corrosion in those bleak future days. But such thought in design are expected from combining the expertise of the artisans of Dragon King and the mind of sword maker, Gus Trim. Tactically black and no frills, the removable durable black G10 handle scales cover a thick full-tang on the Black Oxide coated 9260 Spring Steel blades.

Need a longer reach? Remove the scales and split the end of a suitable pole the length of the tang. Lash well using the tang and lanyard holes and you've got yourself a devastating polearm even a spartan would covet.

The black textured fiberglass sheaths are fitted to a Molle compatible kydex platform that allows you to secure your swords to belt or pack in multiple carry positions. A notch in the handle and the platform allows for stealth unsheathing as well as locking the sword securely for inverted maneuvers. No preparations for the end times are complete without an A.P.O.C. tactical sword for when the bullets run out, the knives are too short and your life is on the line.


A more obvious Gus Trim design, the A.P.O.C. Cutlass possesses numerous construction nuances of said creator. Revealing his subtle style in the contours of the 21 1/2" Black Oxide coated blade, the tapered back edge of the tip and a reinforcing fuller running from the sweet spot to the choil scream an Atrim blade.  No doubt the A.P.O.C. Cutlass will soon arise a favorite for single or two-handed close quarters combat. With an overall length of 29 3/4" weighing merely 1 lbs 15 oz this piece becomes most useful when scavenging for food and supplies within dilapidated buildings or as a side piece on your bugout vehicle or survival pack traversing the wasteland. With the 8 1/8” handle the younger survivors in your group can contribute to the protection of the family and its resources. Again, the G10 handle slabs, rivets and blade profile are smoothly flush all around preventing blisters or lesions helping avoid infection while providing a secure grip. The double hooked guard prevents your hands from sliding onto the blade edge.


How to Use

In case of Zombie Apocalypse, Break Glass.. Designed for frequent and abusive cutting.
Overall: 29 3/4" Blade Length: 21 1/2" Handle Length: 8 1/8" Weight: 1 lbs 15 oz Point of Balance: 3"

Materials and Construction

Monotempered 9260 Spring Steel sharpened blade with black oxide coating. Full tang, triple riveted G10 handle. Light fiberglass scabbard with Molle compatible platform.
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Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information

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Featured positive reviews:

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Scanbard solution 06/16/2022
By Amputation recovery
Though this cutlass is fully joy out of the box it just howled for me to play with it. I just underwent a BTK amputation about 2 months ago and though I am as active as can be and have my truck set up for left foot pedal. )Glad is an autpmatic) I find myself having plenty of recliner time.

Enter the APOC cutlass. One of the biggest (if not THE biggest) gripes in other reviews for this piece is the scabbard. It's flimsy it's cheaply made you name it. I wish there was a way to put pictures up here but alas...tis not to be. OK sure. The scabbard needs help. But some time and creative thought later solves that.

I wrapped mine with black paracord and for some added flair put a 3 inch wrap with 3/8 wide leather saddle strap just past center. I also capped the bottom with the same stuff. It looks killer and beefed things right up. The paracord is done with a certain type of wrap. My Dad taught it to me when I was a kid.

He called it "rigging wrap" as in ship rigging but also called it "mast wrap." Its a half hitch series and it has a pronounced spiral that looks massive cool. The leather portion makes it pop.

I fashioned a belt loop with a piece of braded 3/4 inch wide leather with flat solid ends. I used leather boot lace to secure it with the same knot the paracord had. It's long (was part of a rommal on some old reins) and I tied it to where the flat ends flare out.

This scabbard is tough looks tough and was a blast of a way to kill sedentary time. I have to give the stump a break and put it up so the swelling will go away. That's gotta happen before I get my prosthesis. I have 3 new blades courtesy of SBG that will be the first thing I attend to when I'm standing on 2 feet. I champing and stamping to do cutting tests. I have a Riyugin T 10 katana that I've honed to insane sharpness this cutlass that I just finished the edge on yesterday ( only went to 800 grit but its quite sharp enough) and I just ordered a Riyugen T 10 custom wakazashi to complete my daisho.

Oh the edge on that will meet my stone set too. Anyway if you have one of these cutlasses and the scabbard bothers you it's an awsome starting point. Just start playing and soon you'll have a unique one off place for the cutlass to reside. Your name will be on it and it will reflect your style. Plus you'll have a blast doing it.

The cutlass itself all I did was spiff up the edge and I rounded off the handle. It's kinda blocky. G 10 is a wonderful material. All it took was some 220 grit paper. The handle is sorta like a longer version of an Arab saber. At least that's my take. Especially now that its rounded offNo more mods or work planned for the sword itself.

So I guess the point to all this is if you dont like the scabbard do something about it. Make it yours. Worked for me. I mean.. c'mon. It's a 9260 tempered blade under 200 bucks. You can expect some work will need doing.

And if you do it right you'll have a blade worth a grand or better. A one off no other like it sword and scabbard. You can polish the blade put exotic handle scales on it modify the "guard" into a real guard...sky's the limit. This cutlass is a more than awesome project piece. I'm done with mine though. Shes pretty enough as is