Ryujin 65MN Spring Steel Giant Miao Dao

Ryujin 65MN Spring Steel Giant Miao Dao

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Amazing Value - Fully Functional Hand Forged 65MN Spring Steel Blade - Massive Sword nearly 5' long yet far from flimsy and extremely popular with our customers.

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the Miao Dao is a specialized, massive two handed Chinese Saber with a total length of close to 5' and the blade alone longer than most swords from tip to pommel..

The name Miao Dao was named such in the early 20th century after it was again used in the boxer rebellion alongside the Dadao but was first believed to have been used extensively in the 16th century by General Qi Jiguang who resurrected the sword to combat pirates raiding coastal cities. After the victory over the pirates the Miao Dao remained useful battling enemies of the Ming Empire which led to this famous general's men to be known as the "invincible Qi army".

Designed to break enemy lines, cut rigging, pirates, horses, you name it - it was and still is truly intimidating and fearsome weapon - combining length and momentum as it wooshes through the air with considerable speed - for despite its massive size it weights only a few ounces more than a regular sword..

Truly amazing value for so much well made 65MN Spring Steel steel tempered to a spring finish - though due to its length it can only be shipped within the USA and to Canada.

How to Use

Suitable for backyard cutting or display (functional but affordable sword art)
Overall (with scabbard) : 57" (inch) Overall (without scabbard) : 55 3/4" Blade length: 39 1/4" Handle length: 16 3/8" Weight(with Scabbard) : 5 lbs Weight(without Scabbard): 3.5 lbs Point of balance: 6"

Materials and Construction

65MN Spring Steel Hand Forged and Factory Sharpened Blade. Wood scabbard and double pegged, full tang wooden handle
Shipped from the Ryujin workshop in Los Angeles within 2 business days. $20 flat rate USA shipping for up to 2 swords, FREE shipping if 3 or more swords ordered at the same time. US orders only. Click here for more shipping information

Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information

Return Policy

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We proudly stand behind every product we sell. If you are not pleased with your purchase you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase in original, unused condition for a full refund minus shipping and 10% restock fee. Click here for more info on our guarantees

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
A great Asian longsword for the price 11/08/2021
By Frederick
I got this sword a while ago and despite its minor imperfections, to this day it is still a favorite in my collection. There are not that many budget friendly and well made changdao/miao dao/odachi-like swords on the market and while this sword is fairly simple in its overall construction and design compared to other swords like it, it more than makes up for it in regards to getting the most bang for your buck. If you want a simple East Asian longsword that won't break the bank and don't mind a few minor imperfect details, I highly recommend this sword. While I'm not that deep into sword customization, I'm pretty sure this sword would be a more than perfect candidate for people who put in a little elbow grease and want to do some customization work.

- This sword is big and solidly constructed for something of its size and price range
- The blade is well made and has no wobble or floppiness seen on some more poorly made large swords like it.
- Simple, but beautiful decorations on the fittings
- A good weight and balance for a two-handed sword that can even be used in one-handed techniques if you have the strength for it

- The fittings at the center of the scabbard are only held on with friction and can slide off really easily
- The tasseled cord on the scabbard easily frays and the tassels will very quickly come apart
- The handle of the one I got was somewhat crudely shaped and not perfectly ovular which didn't help with aligning the edge during a cut
- There is a slight opening on the sides of the blade where it meets the tsuba/disk guard which in theory could let moisture into the tang, but I haven't personally had any problems with that

Personal thoughts and suggestions:
I come from a Japanese kenjutsu background and got this sword because I wanted to study Chinese longsword and explore the parallels between it and odachi usage since there is a historical connection between the two styles of swordsmanship. If you plan to use this in a Japanese fashion e.g. iaijutsu or iaido with the sword held in the obi, it will do the job, but I highly recommend removing the central scabbard fittings with a hack saw so that you can more easily do saya-biki without the fittings getting in the way as you slide the scabbard back. In addition, regardless of whatever swordsmanship background you come from, I highly recommend ditching the cord that comes with the sword and replacing it with something stronger since it will come apart and fray with time and use. Finally, check the handle on yours when you get it to make sure it helps align the edge. If it doesn't, a little bit of work with sandpaper to grind it down to a much more cleaner profile that aligns with the edge will go a long way in making the sword perfect. If you are really into customizing your swords, you can probably do a lot more to make the sword even better like adding a habaki/blade collar to cover the above-mentioned gap at the base of the blade or add a cord wrap to the grip.

Overall though, I love this sword and highly recommend it.