Kingdom of Arms Crecy Sword

Kingdom of Arms Crecy Sword

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5160 Spring Steel Medieval Archers sword based on swords from the battle of Crecy. Includes Wood Core Leather Lined Scabbard.

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Crecy Medieval War Sword: The Battle of Crecy was one of the most decisive battles of the 100 Years War. After the battle of Sluys, Edward III landed in Normandy in July 1346 with about 10,000 men. The French pursued. Edward III decided to halt near Crecy in Normandy and to prepare for battle the next day.

However, the French vanguard made contact and started to attack without the benefit of a plan. The French made as many as 15 attacks, and the English checked each one in turn, primarily thanks to the English longbowmen. In the end, the French were decimated and the English had a decisive victory.

The Crecy is one type of sword that would have seen service on both sides during the 100 Years War.

Oakeshott describes the Type XVIa sword as having a long, tapering blade, broad at the hilt, with a sharp, often reinforced, point. The Kingdom of Arms Crecy War sword is a fine example of a later period epee de guerre, or war sword, a refinement of the earlier XIIa in response to changes in the Armour of the period.

The Kingdom of Arms version of the Crecy Sword, made to their exacting specifications by the esteemed forge of Blade Culture International, has a hand hammered 5160 carbon steel leaf blade as the originals were made, full tang, heat treated and tempered as the originals, for a strong yet flexible blade that will hold a very sharp edge. Steel pommel and cross guard. Wooden scabbard wrapped in leather.

How to Use

Fully functional sword designed for frequent test cutting practice
Blade Length: 33 Handle Length: 10 Grip Length: 7.875 Cross Guard Width: 9.875" Weight: 2 lbs 13 oz P.O.B.: 2.25'' Below Hilt

Materials and Construction

5160 Spring Steel Sharpened Blade. Steel Fittings. Threaded pommel construction. Wood core handle with brown leather. Two toned leather bound over Mahogany Wood core scabbard. Premium Quality Construction.
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