The "Muramasa" Laminated Katana...

  • Muramasa
    Forge Direct "Muramasa" Laminated Katana$700.00

    Tradition melds with Science: Laminated (5 steel) Katana from the Ronin Katana Hammerforged Line

    Made to Order, Ships in 4-6 weeks.

    Select Sageo Color

Premium and Exclusive Sword Brands

We are Official Distributors of the following premium sword brands, all of which are selected for their reputation of producing the sword industries BEST fully functional swords

Your One Stop Shop for REAL Swords!

That's right, unless clearly stated otherwise, EVERY sword we stock here is an authentic, sharpened, fully functional replica ready for hours of cutting practice straight out of the box. We do NOT sell wall hangers or stainless steel swords - apart from our range of training swords, everything you see here is made from expertly tempered carbon steel (High carbon or Spring Steels), every sword has a full tang and every sword is priced at the lowest margins possible and backed up by our LIFETIME guarantee, so you can buy with confidence EVERY time.. 

"If We Wouldn't Buy It For Ourselves, You Won't Find it Here!" 

We hope you enjoy your stay here. Should you have any questions at any time feel free to drop us a line. We are only too happy to help. In the meantime, have a look at what we have to offer via broad category or brand. Many swords listed here you simply cannot find anywhere else..


What kind of sword are you looking for?

At the SBG Sword Store we are the official distributors for over 15 brands of battle ready, fully functional sword manufacturers divided into the following broad categories.

Samurai Swords - Katana and Wakizashi
Whether it is for the dojo, the backyard or an heirloom quality blade - we have the best selection of traditional and fully functional Katana and Wakizashi anywhere on the internet, including some exclusive swords simply not available anywhere else.

Ninja Swords
From classic "Hollywood" style Ninjato to Bujinkan Shinobigatana, here you will find the ONLY actual, fully functional Ninja swords currently on the market.

Chinese Swords - Jian, Dao and so much more..
Most casual collectors have no idea that the market for mid to high end Chinese swords includes age old designs made by certified Master Smiths, and practical, frighteningly effective Jian and Dao for serious martial artists. Here you will find some true exotic treasures of the East..

Medieval European Swords
Whether you are into HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), medieval history, fantasy role playing games or just want a tough "beater" sword for the backyard, our selection of Medieval European swords has it all.

Viking and Dark Age Swords
Our range of Battle Ready Viking Swords includes replicas of historical pieces and those inspired by Dark Age cultures are all worthy of the halls of Valhalla.

Functional Fantasy Swords
Inspired by movies, great works of fiction and the unfettered imagination, here are inspired designs from both the West and the East that aren't just for looks, but are serious pieces of functional sword art.

Training Gear
Want an unsharpened blade to practice with? How about some realistic sparring swords, suits of armor and even bucklers and shields for full on re-enactment? Look no further, you will find it here.

Accessories and Miscellaneous
We don't usually include extras like sword stands, cleaning kits, etc as we prefer to simply give you the best price possible. But if you want them, we provide them here in our one stop shop. Also be sure to check out our Hot Specials section for current closeouts, overstock sales, scratch and dent items and other assorted bargains.

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