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Each of the SBG exclusive swords by Longship Armory are truly limited edition, heirloom quality swords that have no peer. A maximum of 20pcs per design will ever be produced, and once sold out they will appear on this page for posterity and as a reference.

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Longship Armoury "Furia" Sword of the Apocalypse
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Longship Armoury "Furia" Sword of the Apocalypse


Limited Edition Apocalypse Sword Hand made in the USA by John Lundemo of Longship Armoury/Odinblades fame. Only 20pcs available worldwide. Final Round of 10 due in May 2017.


Hand made in the USA by John Lundemo of Odinblades fame - a true modern day legend of the industry with over 25 years experience - the swords here are heirloom quality, limited edition pre-orders made to perfection from the toughest steel available. Each and every sword is first and foremost made to be a weapon that our ancestors would be proud to wield into battle. Whether it is one of our semi-production blades or unique customs, you can be certain that each sword is worthy of passing on to posterity.

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