Hanwei/Tinker Early Medieval Sword

Hanwei/Tinker Early Medieval Sword

Hanwei/Tinker Early Medieval Sword
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Designed by legendary sword smith Michael 'Tinker' Pearce. MSRP $405

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Paul Chen's Tinker Early Medieval Swords is a single-handed Oakeshott Type XII.

The sharp sword  is fullered for about two thirds of its length, with a flattened diamond section out towards the tip. The cruciform hilt is attractive and functional.


CAS has commissioned Michael ‘Tinker’ Pearce to design a line of swords that will satisfy both the sparring and cutting needs of Western Martial Arts practitioners.

Matching sharp and blunt versions of each sword in the series offer the same outstanding handling characteristics in both disciplines.

The swords meet Tinker`s exacting quality requirements and are built in much the same way as his custom pieces. Each blade is forged from 5160 Spring Steel, Marquenched to the desired hardness of 50-53 Hrc while the tang is drawn back to the low 30s Hrc.

For the Medieval models the very end of the tang is threaded to fit a 5mm allen nut recessed into the pommel which allows for dismantling of the hilt assembly for inspection, to exchange blades if needed, and for anyone wanting to easily customize their grip. The grips are cord wrapped and leather covered wood and tapered for a comfortable grip. Each sword is supplied with a leather covered wood covered scabbard with metal throat and chape.  

How to Use

Extremely well balanced blade designed for backyard cutting and practicing historical medieval swordsmanship cutting techniques.
Overall: 38 1/2" Blade Length: 31 3/4" Handle Length: 6 7/8" Weight: 2 lb 8 oz

Materials and Construction

Monotempered 5160 Marquenched Spring Steel Factory sharpened blade. Wood core leather covered handle and scabbard with steel throat and chape. Fully dismountable with allen key lock in pommel.
Shipping the newest stock direct from the manufacturers warehouse in Tennesse within 1-2 business days. $15 flat rate USA shipping for up to 2 swords via Fed Ex or USPS (depending on location), FREE shipping if 3 or more swords ordered at the same time. International shipping currently unavailable. Click here for more shipping information

Warranty Info

Each sword is guaranteed to be as described and 100% genuine product. Each sword is also covered by in full by the Manufacturers Warranty PLUS our extended LIFETIME Warranty against blade breakage. Click here for detailed warranty information

Return Policy

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We proudly stand behind every product we sell. If you are not absolutely pleased with your purchase you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase in original condition for your choice of an exchange or refund (excluding shipping fees). Click here for more info on our guarantees

Featured positive reviews:

Hanwei/Tinker Early Medieval Sword
Absolutely Exquisite Sword
After a couple of weeks of anticipation I received the heartening text message from home announcing the much awaited "arrival of the package" I had so often bothered those I live with about. Directly after work I drove home as quickly as humanly possible. The packaging was taped quite thickly at every seam of the box and the sword itself was kept in place by foam. While it took a few minutes to cut through the tape and foam, I greatly appreciated the effort taken to keep the sword safely contained and intact. The sword itself was quite amazing.

The scabbard feels quite durable, the metal fittings have a mirror-like shine and are quite sleek. The leather on both the scabbard and the grip is quite pleasant to the touch and the eye. The quillons feel dependable, though I have yet to test them. Drawing the sword, I can feel the sword fits snugly in the scabbard and ever-so-slightly resists being drawn; just enough to keep from falling out. The sword has a solid weight that is well balanced. The blade is quite sharp, and appears to be pre-oiled. The fuller tapers off beautifully at about three-fourths of the blade. The blade is not polished to a mirror-like finish like the other parts of the sword, it has more of a grainy business-end finish to it. The blade flexes quite well and returns to its original shape like good steel should.

All in all, I was satisfied beyond my expectations. 5/5, I would most definitely buy from SBG again.