Forge Direct Katana

Master Smith forged Katana from Longquan - the Japanese swords listed here are easily some of the highest quality Katana available outside of Japan but at a fraction of the price. Made to order and shipped worldwide within 4-6 weeks - each sword is brand new and hot off the forge, so no need to worry about rotted tsuka cores or blades that have been sitting around for years. There is simply no better way to buy new, premium quality swords..


Forge Direct Elite T10 Custom Katana
$899.99 $1,400.00


Master Smith Forged Custom Katana - Huge Number of Customization Options. Made to Order, Ships in 4-6 weeks.

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Forge Direct Elite T10 Custom O-Katana
$999.99 $1,529.00


Master Smith Forged Custom O-Katana (33" Blade) - Huge Number of Customization Options. Made to Order, Ships in 6-8 weeks.

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Forge Direct "Muramasa" Laminated Katana
Average rating:
Forge Direct "Muramasa" Laminated Katana


Tradition melds with Science: Laminated (5 steel) Katana from the Ronin Katana Hammerforged Line

Made to Order, Ships in 4-6 weeks.

Select Sageo (Saya cord color)

Actual Sword forges worth their salt don't sell direct to the public. Some people in China PRETEND to be running a sword forge, but they are independents getting scraps and telling fibs as anyone who has actually been to the forges will know..

The only way to buy direct, is to be a large wholesaler. Until now.. Using the connections we established over the last few years, the forge and mastersmiths we have visited and got to know personally reluctantly agreed to the following deal: allow our customers a carefully picked, rotating selection of their finest swords and ship them direct from Longquan (though still backed by all our usual quality guarantees), at a drastically faster time than we have ever been able to offer Project X pre-orders ever before.. (Made to order and arriving in 4-6 weeks)..

Do NOT be fooled by cheap imitations - with this Project X Special Offering you are guaranteed the best versions of these swords the forge makes (they make three levels, these are the top tier level 3).

Project X - Forge Direct: Premium Quality, Unique and Rare Designs Direct from the Forge to You

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