BLACKNOVEMBER 15% OFF Coupon code for 5 top sword brands until 14th of November!

AKA – the Good News..

Smart Sword Buyers get in on this kind of deal and secure their Christmas shopping gifts well ahead of the rush..

And it really doesn’t get much better than THIS. From today until Thursday the 14th of November 2019 simply use the coupon code BLACKNOVEMBER (all capitals, no spaces – just click the coupon code for it to be instantly applied to your order).

Here are the 5 brands covered under this deal – and remember, if you order 3 or more swords shipping is FREE too!

Hanwei Forge (Paul Chen)

Kingston Arms

Dragon King

Legacy Arms


All are listed together in the Hot Specials Section for your convenience. So check out what is on offer today, be the early bird and get the sword while they are still in stock

P.S. Just a FYI, due to our agreements with the distributor of all of the above brands we were never actually able to send any of these outside of the USA – so the shipping issue mentioned in the previous post does not make any difference.

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