What a month…

October has been a crazy month, so many irons in the fire right now – and fires that need putting out – a crazy month in a crazy world..

But it is what it is…

Forge Direct is finally reaching the last of the backorders that killed production for months, some products are selling way too fast to keep in stock for much longer, and in general ‘it’s a jungle out there’..

But it’s not all doom and gloom, just 24 hours ago we FINALLY were able to start selling the Project Sword at times we thought was not going to be able to be completed – our collaboration with BCI to create our interpretation of Links Masters Sword..

Check it out over on our sister sites blog..

And as the month draws to a close, the late Cas Iberia shipment originally due in September is about to land – so stand by for the last restock of the year..! As CAS are the distributors for Hanwei, Dragon King, Legacy Arms, Kingston Arms (and many more) stand by to see a lot of unique blades come back in stock, some for the first time in a long time..

Will update you all again soon. Take care out there.

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