Marathon is (I think) over… Phew..

The marathon overhaul seems to be over – and this time I can say it did indeed turn out to as difficult, if not more difficult, than I had expected..

The biggest problem with websites these days is that they need to be readable and able to be navigated by tablets, laptops, different size screens, iPhones, androids – you name it, it needs to work across the board..

At least 80% of the time I have spent over the last day or two has been spent checking how the site looks in google chrome, Firefox, explorer, safari, iPhones, androids (you get the idea).. And the final result is that barring some unforeseen device – blog, store and main website should all look reasonably neat, legible and navigable..

This has meant that the final result is not as much of a subtle change as I was initially aiming for.. But with simple, clean layouts I think that the core is easier to access when before it would have often looked like a bit of a jumbled mess (like I said, I am more of a ‘desktop’ guy and have only recently started to try and ensure that visitors with other devices can have an equally smooth experience)..

Thanks for bearing with me during the numerous changes. From now on out I am hoping (fingers crossed) that from now on out the only changes will be minor tweaks to the content to make sure it is not referring to the previous formats..

But first, time for a rest – as mentioned in a previous post I will be taking a (much needed) rest from Christmas day to the 1st of January. So time to start winding down a little..

Talk to you all again soon.

– Paul

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