Save over $100 on the Hanwei Sword of St Maurice

It;s been on special before, but this has to be the best price EVER on this stunning, fully functional and historically accurate replica of the Sword of St Maurice.

The blade is a classic Oakeshott Type XI with an extra long blade optimized for the cut. These swords were primarily used by the rising Knight class, delivering shearing blows from horseback, and this replica would have been right at home in 12th or 13th century medieval Europe or in the hands of a Templar – for it is also a deeply religious blade, bearing the inscription ‘CHRISTUS VINCIT, CHRISTUS REGNAT, CHRISTUS IMPERAT.’ (Christ Conquers, Christ Reigns, Christ Rules).

At the MSRP of $499 it is reasonable – at our everyday low price of $362.98 it is a bargain. But at the current sale price of just $249.99 until the end of the month, it is an absolute STEAL (or should I say, STEEL!).

Check it out below:

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