Project X Katana – Now Taking Pre-Orders!

Well, actually subscribers to the Project X mailing list already know  but Project X Japanese is back, and the pre-orders have been coming in hard – so much so that we may indeed have to close off early!

There are two models available this time around – model 001, which has been offered before a couple of years ago and is the original Project X Japanese sword:

And the NEW design, project X model 003, called the Kurobuke – and is proving to be quite a popular configuration:

The main difference between these two designs – apart from the fittings – is that model 003 has a hand carved bo-hi for faster handling and audible Tachi Kaze. Otherwise, they are both Master Smith forged Shoshu Kitae blades in the best possible fittings seen outside of Japan – and at $899.99 the pre-order price may not be for everyone, but the value is off the charts.

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P.S. The very LAST of the Dragon Dao scratch and dent swords is in stock in the Hot Specials section. It is a little worse for wear compared to the previous swords, so we are offering it at a further discounted price..

Considering that they are $3,000 plus for one in pristine condition, I think a few minor cosmetic flaws are worth a saving of 70% or so, don’t you..?

Project X Dragon Dao Scratch and Dent Sale

Those lucky few who pre-ordered the stunning Dragon Dao sword by Master Xiaolong are even luckier now than ever before..

As it turns out, the current stock we have available – which is the last time these swords will ever be offered shipping from North America, simply weren’t quite as perfect as they should have been.

Maybe it was just bad luck, as to be honest the quality isn’t really ALL that bad.. But the few imperfections are enough that we cannot comfortably sell them at the already discounted price of US$1,799..

For example, some of the swords have come in with some patina on them from shipping – some people may like the look, others may want to clean it off with some elbow grease. Here is a photo showing the worst of the worst..

I guess you could call it an "antiqued" look

I guess you could call it an “antiqued” look

Also, some of the nice wooden display boxes got damaged in transit – hardly a deal killer, but definitely annoying. Here is what I mean:

It's just a box after all, some are ok, others with a ding..

It’s just a box after all, some are ok, others with a ding..

Swords with these minor cosmetic issues we have designated scratch and dent level one and they are available to be shipped after a quick clean up for $500 less than the usual price..

The second level of cosmetic issues may also have the patina, but also some discoloration of areas of the full rayskin wrapped scabbard like so:

Not pretty, but only there if you look for it. Level 2 Scratch and Dent..

Not pretty, but only there if you look for it. Level 2 Scratch and Dent..

And/or they may also have an annoying scratch that happened during polishing like this:

Tis but a scratch..

Tis but a scratch.. But a scratch that can save you $800!

These details are only really visible if you are looking for them, but are enough to lower the price down $800 and are designated level 2 scratch and dents (just $999.99).

Plus from now until the end of November, you can save another $100 by using the coupon code:


None of the issues are anything but cosmetic and the amount of money we are discounting these by really is more a sense of our own disappointment than anything else..

So what can I say, if you are willing to trade off for a few imperfections to save up to $900 on a sword that, despite these cosmetic flaws are STILL heirloom quality (heck, we could argue that some of them look more like antiques ahead of their time!) – well, you know where to buy them..

Stocks are limited and once they are gone they are gone for good, we took to much of a hit selling the, off at this well below wholesale price – so if you are fast, our misfortune could well be your lucky chance..

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The damage is cosmetic and pretty minor in the grand scheme of things for a sword that is one of the most fearsome two handed cutters EVER seen in North America. And the savings, kind of crazy!

Grab a bargain while you can..




Dragon Dao Update

Apologies to everyone waiting on the Dragon Dao pre-orders, there was a bit of a delay at customs but they cleared, have been inspected and we have set aside the best ones to send you early next week. And they are truly awesome..

The bad news is that the ones we planned to sell ex-stock, well, they aren’t as good.

As I am currently doing a bit of a write up for the November 1st edition of the Sword Buyers Digest Online Magazine, I might as well save myself a little time and just repeat what is going to be written there about Project X Chinese in a good news/bad news format.

So here goes, as appearing in the November 1st edition:

The good news: all the swords are in, and those customers who pre-ordered the Dragon Dao are going to get some of the best quality Chinese Broadswords EVER seen in North America (shipping out early next week).

The bad news: The stock we have at hand of the Dragon Dao are, however, inferior. The blades are great. But the scabbards in particular did not arrive in happy condition..

The good news: This means that there will be some bargains appearing soon as a scratch and dent sale. And I mean SERIOUSLY marked down prices..

The bad news: Well, bad news for us because we lose money (always a risk when you try something new and innovative).

The good news: Anyone who has a Project X Dragon Dao of Marquis Yi already can feel comfortable knowing no more will follow. This is it. And its also good news for those fans of Project X Japanese because the next Project X swords will be those laminated beauties…

The bad news: There are only 2 Jian of Marquis Yi available now – both are in great condition, and once they are sold – its all over.. Plus the bargains available for the scratch and dent Dao sale are in short supply and aren’t quite listed yet. But when they are, they won’t be for long. So keep an eye out!

Project X Chinese

Another quick update, the stunning, heirloom quality Jian of Marquis Yi is back in stock!

Pre-orders are shipping out on Monday, but for everyone else, this will be the final run of this sword at SBG – after this, if you want to get one you will have to pay nearly $1000 more and travel all the way to Longquan to get it!

The second Project X Chinese Sword, the Dragon Dao, is completed and shipping from the forge – so stay tuned for that one too!

While they are not cheap, there are few swords on the market that offer such value for money. So if high end Chinese swords made by certified Master Swordsmiths is your thing, you really won’t want to pass these two swords by..

Launch 1 of 2: Project X The Dragon Dao!

It has been brewing away behind the scenes for months now – the next stunning heirloom quality sword by Project X Chinese, the ferocious Dragon Dao by Master Sword-smith Xiaolong.

While clearly it is not a low priced piece, it is available to pre-order at a MASSIVELY discounted price: the only other way to get this sword would be to travel to Longquan personally and pay the full price, so the total cost plus airtickets, accomodation etc required to obtain one could easily run into US$5,000plus..

So naturally enough, if you CAN swing it, these are quite an amazing investment – being made available at what is essentailly a WHOLESALE price..

But only if you are quick..

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– Paul