Project X Chinese

Another quick update, the stunning, heirloom quality Jian of Marquis Yi is back in stock!

Pre-orders are shipping out on Monday, but for everyone else, this will be the final run of this sword at SBG – after this, if you want to get one you will have to pay nearly $1000 more and travel all the way to Longquan to get it!

The second Project X Chinese Sword, the Dragon Dao, is completed and shipping from the forge – so stay tuned for that one too!

While they are not cheap, there are few swords on the market that offer such value for money. So if high end Chinese swords made by certified Master Swordsmiths is your thing, you really won’t want to pass these two swords by..

Launch 1 of 2: Project X The Dragon Dao!

It has been brewing away behind the scenes for months now – the next stunning heirloom quality sword by Project X Chinese, the ferocious Dragon Dao by Master Sword-smith Xiaolong.

While clearly it is not a low priced piece, it is available to pre-order at a MASSIVELY discounted price: the only other way to get this sword would be to travel to Longquan personally and pay the full price, so the total cost plus airtickets, accomodation etc required to obtain one could easily run into US$5,000plus..

So naturally enough, if you CAN swing it, these are quite an amazing investment – being made available at what is essentailly a WHOLESALE price..

But only if you are quick..

Click here for more details

– Paul

A quick trip to China

As anyone who read the latest issue of the Sword Buyers Digest will know, this month I am off to oversee Project X with Chris Scoggin from Ronin Katana, and as I will be in a VERY remote part of China (Longquan is very much off the beaten track) I will have zero internet access during this time. As such, from this Wednesday the 19th of September no orders will ship and there will be no responses to emails until I get back on the 29th.

My assistant Karyn will be overseeing recent orders and shipment information while I am away, but no new orders will be processed from the 19th until the 29th (orders can still be placed, but they won’t ship until the first week of October).

Sorry for the inconvenience folks, any questions or concerns please let me know.

– Paul

Project X Pre-orders closing shortly

Just a very quick post to let everyone who is interested that we are about to close off on accepting pre-orders for project X – likely within the next 24-48 hours. Due to the price and the wait time, this project clearly isn’t for everyone – but for those patient few who know just how much of a revolutionary deal this is – this is the last call before we close off and submit the orders and the payment to the master smiths.

I’ll post again when we close off so talk again very soon.

– Paul