Custom Katana Update

Just a quick update on the SBG Custom Katana for everyone – Batch 41 finally cleared customs and is en route to the sorting and inspecting team. There has been a bit of an unexpected hiccup – the swords were shipped from the forge in 3 boxes and somehow they all got separated and cleared customs at different times, but the reason for the delay right now is that 2 of the 3 boxes were sent to British Columbia instead of Manitoba, which if you are familiar with Canada is over 1,000 miles in the wrong direction..!

They are being re-routed and should arrive early this week – however the sorting, inspecting and shipping team don’t rush things and ensure each sword is thoroughly inspected for any defects, incorrect customizations and other QC issues before final packing and sending, so it is likely that the swords will not go out into early October.

As soon as possible after we confirm that the swords are all in, we will open up on new orders again for batch 42 – which will be the second and FINAL batch for 2017 (And Batch 43 will be delayed by Chinese New Year, so after batch 42 closes, the next batch may be 4-5 months away).

I will do my best to update everyone here as soon as I get confirmation that all the swords are finally in and the team commences the inspection process. In the meantime, thanks to everyone either waiting on a sword from batch 41 or waiting for batch 42 to open up for their patience.

  • Paul
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