Hot Special on the Kingston Arms Knightly Sword

With a practical and attractive design based on the Oakeshott Type XVIII blade which was a 15th century European sword that was a return to the earlier medieval cutting swords, refined by the improvements of the previous centuries. These swords were common from 1410 to 1510 AD in the hands of knights, nobles and even Kings – designed to cut and thrust against anything the battlefield had to throw at it.

This fully functional replica, designed by the legendary Angus Trim, would have been the treasure of any medieval knight – and with its flexible yet strong 9260 Spring Steel blade, would be better than any actual historical sword on the battlefield with performance far exceeding the capabilities of the originals.

Normally a $500 sword with well made, but simple scabbard, our everyday low price is $329.99 with free shipping – but to move some slow selling stock, the distributor has dropped the price by $60, so we pass the savings on to you directly until the end of the month or until sold out, whatever comes first.

Definitely an excellent buy at a very attractive price, if you are in the market for a solidly made Knightly sword with exceptional handling characteristics, this is the sword you should grab while the getting is good.

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