The Pinnacle of the November Specials May Be Over But..

It really comes as no surprise that the last four days, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, saw some pretty insane sales volume.. Many sword buyers had been pent up to buy a sword, but only if the price was right – and in the last few days – it had never been sooo right…

So the bargains were snapped up..

And so while the absolute pinnacle of the November Specials May Be Over, the base line deals saving from 10-40% off 10 major brands still have a few days left in them..

In the meantime, because the sales volume was so understandably high, please allow us a little extra time to process shipments and answer email inquiries as we are slightly overwhelmed and need some extra time to process all the bargains that you all just snapped up. 😉

So please be patient with us, we will do our best – and for everyone else, check out the HOT SPECIALS page for the last of this years best deals..

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