Partial Ryujin Custom Katana Restock

It’s been a long time coming, but we FINALLY have some stock of the extremely popular $229.99 Ryujin Custom Katana!

Only catch is, right now we only have the bo-hi version – solid bodied blade is still a way off.

But there is some more good news, almost all the components are also restocked – including the saya. BUT with the saya, there have been some color changes – some quite signficant – so every image has been updated to avoid confusion and disappointment.

SIDE NOTE AND SHAMELESS PLUG: I think this constant stock updating, close communication with the warehouse, best price prices and life time guarantee against breakage – we are the most sensible place to buy Ryujin Swords and receive them as quickly as we promise. Other sites that sell them have lots of hidden costs and sell stuff that they don’t have in stock, sometimes even offering items that haven’t been made yet! So in short, by keeping up to date and offering the best service and prices, yeah – it would be silly to buy them anywhere else..

– Paul Southren

But I digress, back to the saya.

Here are all the updated colors – most haven’t changed so much, but gun metal grey, forest green and a few others just don’t look anything like they used to:

T920311 T920322 T920911 T920411 T920611 T920121 T920211 T920321 T920111 T920511 T920711

Of course, this also means that other semi-custom Katana have also been restocked. So check out the full range and click the link below:

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