A couple of Ryujin Custom Katana restocked

While the basic blades from the Ryujin Custom Katana line will not be restocked for another couple of months or so, we are pleased to advise that a couple of Ryujin Custom Katana have just been restocked – the Elite Custom Katana and the unique Shobu Zukuri with partial bo-hi (plus, we also received quite a few components – previously most were almost sold out, but now we have the majority of the custom options available).

Check them out below:

Ryujin T10 Custom Katana ELITE – Choji Midare Hamon

The fittings don’t quite do justice to the stunning ELITE Ryujin Custom Katana’s blade – indeed, the first time I laid eyes on it I thought it would sell for double the price it does. Truly awesome value at just $479.99

Ryujin T10 Custom Katana – Shobu Zukuri with partial bo-hi

A unique style of Katana that was developed on the battlefield – the graceful lines and appearance are deceptive – for these swords were designed to defend against the Mongol invasions of the 14th century, and with a clamshell bevel, are exceptional cleaving swords – typically cutting deeper and more savagely than the later period, more typical Shinogi-Zukuri.

And despite recent quite dramatic price pressure, it’s still a bargain at just $229.99

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