A New L6 Bainite Sword in the Hanwei Line Up

L6 Bainite steel is almost the stuff of urban legends..

When properly heat treated it exhibits remarkable tensile strength and almost the holy grail of hardness and flexibility – but the trick is that less than half a dozen sword smiths have been able to master the demanding heat treat process.

And one of them works for Hanwei – and this is their latest addition to the other L6 Bainite Swords they offer – the stunning Celestial Katana.

With a straight suguha hamon to represent placidity the sword represents the ultimate goal of the warrior – to harmonize and become one with the universe itself so that they flow with it rather than against it – and effortlessly defeat their opponents flowing like water, so deeply serene even in the face of death.

With a MSRP of $1,900 we are offering it for just $1,249.99 here – though as stock is limited and the first restock not scheduled for some time, get it now at the best price possible before its too late.

Hanwei L6 Bainite Celestial Katana

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