And batch 19 is officially closed..

We just had the countdown to last orders on batch 19 of the SBG custom Katana. There were quite a few last minute ones so over the next couple of days we will be double checking everything and everyone who reserved a sword in this batch will also be getting their first update via email once we have made sure everything as is it should be.

Naturally there is another wave of emails that we will work through during this period – so if you missed out, sorry – but there will always be batch 20 in around 3 months time. Any emails for changes up to this point will be honored, but anything from now on sadly cannot be accomodated as we can’t hold up everyone elses order – we want to get the forge to work on these asap!

Thanks for your patience while we do the final checklist – and thanks to everyone who ordered, looking forward to bring your designs to life.

I’ll post again soon!

Thanks all,

– Paul

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