And thus ends the Legendary Swords Project..

At Least, as it was originally planned..

It took 2 years to get to this point, but as explained in previous blog posts, things did not go as well as we had hoped or needed them to continue or project to make the best fully functional fantasy swords on the market..

All the swords that we brought in or had made are now sold out, and all that is left of the project are the made to order designs by Scorpion Swords, albeit renamed..

Example, the Aelutian Gladius has now been renamed as the Celtic Fantasy Sword

You can read more about it all over on the Legendary Swords blog here (and also see a sword that was in the making before the project was canned, but will still be made as a one off custom sword for my very good lifelong friend who design it).

Prototype for a pending design – now to be made as a custom one off

While the Legendary Swords site itself will go on, we can firmly state that we have no more plans to produce any more fantasy sword designs on a commercial scale – and will instead concentrate on the fantasy sword market as it exists today, provide portfolio’s for custom sword makers and making and concentrate on digital fantasy sword art such as Webcomics, digital art and even role playing elements until the site, which grew organically, finds its ultimate direction again (Plan B I guess).

In the meantime, stay tuned – because its going to be a busy month. The limited re-release of custom versions of our best quality and most respected Katana brand, Project X, is imminent – and there are also a few other surprises that have nothing to do with fantasy swords just around the corner.

Until then, it has been a ride, that is for sure.

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