Long awaited restock and long dreaded price increases..

With the long awaited (since around March this year!) and long delayed restock of swords from our friends at Ryujin Swords, including the classic bo-hi and solid bodied blade versions of their standard Shinogi Zukuri Custom Katana series and associated sub swords comes some news that is NOT so welcome..

Long dreaded price increases..

You see, the pandemic has been putting massive upward price pressure on pretty much everything around the world – and we have been warning that swords were not going to be exempt. But with global shipping jammed up and at unprecedentedly high prices, we are completely unable to absorb all of the additional costs and have been forced to raise prices accordingly.

This is not something that we take lightly – we fight price rises at every turn and do our best to absorb additional costs at our end for as long as we possibly can. But while we are absorbing a lot – we cannot afford to shoulder all the additional costs – so while the restock is great news, prices are a little higher on all the restocked swords and components..

While prices are a little higher, the increase is MUCH lower than it should be – but with the holiday season rapidly closing in on us, continued worldwide shipping chaos and spiraling inflation pushing on us we worry that this is just the start of a disturbing new trend.

So grab what you can while the prices are still relatively low (we really went out of our way to bear as much of the cost increase as we could muster), because at the end of the day we just don’t know how long we can hold them down:

P.S. We ALSO have a lot of price pressure on our flat rate $20 shipping for 2 swords and FREE shipping on 3 or more. This is becoming very unsustainable – so do not be surprised if we are also forced to overhaul shipping prices in the not too distant future.

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