New Blades From BCI and Kingdom of Arms

The joint collaboration between Clyde Hollis of Kingdom of Arms and the skilled artisans at Blade Culture International has certainly experienced some setbacks and delays from Covid-19 related restrictions in the Philippines where these blades are lovingly hand forged. But despite the setbacks and severe understaffing – they have managed to restock at least one of the nicest blades from this venture – and introduce 4 new products (though none are, strictly speaking swords – but certainly will appeal to sword collectors and fans of European history).

The restocked sword is my favorite in the line up so far – a tribute to Fantasy Rangers with their ‘Sword of Strider’

Other new swords were supposed to arrive along with the restock, but only 4 new items were able to be completed in time with the rest coming in hopefully by the end of October.

So without any further ado – here are the new additions:

Viking Scamasax

Designed by Bruce Brookhart, the pictures don’t really do this blade justice – but Bruce’s Video certainly does!

Next up, a very inspired and beautiful Scottish Sgian Dubh (the second model released in their line up) – truly a bargain for such a piece of hand crafted art (just $129).

Sgian Dubh

And then there are the feasting sets – much better quality than anything else similar on the market and great for pumpkin carving this Halloween!

Medieval Feasting Set
Renaissance Feasting Set

Awesome and rare new additions to round out any collection – but the best is yet to come, so stay tuned for more updates accordingly!

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