New Addition to the 65MN Spring Steel Budget Line

You will find a brand new addition to our HOT SPECIALS sections selection of 65MN Steel Swords brought to the market by our good friends at Ryujin – but this time instead of a Chinese style sword, the newest addition is a cool looking, amazingly affordable Gladius loosely based on the historical Tiberius Sword.

While the fittings have been used on stainless steel blades for several years – Ryujin has shaken things up by adding in a sturdy 65MN Spring Steel blade – and the best part is, our price is the same as what many other companies are selling the stainless steel version for – just $129.99!

Simply great value, stock is limited so get in while the getting is good!

The 65MN Spring Steel Tiberius Mainz Gladius

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