New Improved Navigation

Just finished a bit of a quick upgrade to the store by improving the navigation a bit.

I think that previously it was set up to make it easy for ME to find things there rather than site visitors – after all, I kind of knew what I was looking for when I use it, and casual or first time visitors to the store would probably end up with a little too much info, so I have simplified the side menu and used larger icon blocks instead of text to make finding broad categories easier and, I hope, more intuitive.

Still a few tweaks here and there needed to make it even more user friendly, but one thing at a time.

Speaking of small tweaks here and there, I decided to change up one of our special offers to what I was originally planning – and that is to offer the new basic 1045 Tantos as a free gift with every budget $149 entry level Katana to deliver the best value possible for our most affordable sword.


1060 Carbon Steel w/real hamon just $149.99!


1045 carbon steel $29.99


It’s not easy to do, as the margins are so low to offer anything free on top is a stretch (which is why I changed it at the last minute) but in the end I wanted to make the very best deal possible so have changed it up accordingly. Find it and more in the Hot Specials Section, now prominently displayed at the top of the page.

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