SBG Custom Katana – nearly ready for next orders!

We had to keep on pushing it back again and again, thanks to 4 swords that needed a little extra time to make, and then got stuck in customs for weeks… But now that these last few swords are finally clear and about to ship out to their patient customers, the time to open up for another batch of SBG Custom Katana is nearly upon us.

Price pressure is very much upon on with this batch – but at least for this batch, we will bite the bullet and keep it at the price it has been for many years now – $429.99 shipped. The quality of each batch has also been getting better – the most recent batch had a zero error rate, and only one sword failed QC as it had been dropped somewhere along the line and the tip was damaged slightly – so that one will be remade and the damaged sword sold off..

While it might not be unusual to experience a little damage like that on a sub $500 sword, as you know we QC these swords like they are priced in the thousands – and the end result, very, very happy customers.. Here is a pic one of the customers from this current batch had to say..

The quality is unbelievable – thick Mune, alternating Tsukamaki, ghosting hamon, extra hard edge, highly polished Kissaki.  I’m impressed.  Here’s a pic of “Zero” (that’s what I named it).  Thank you.

The downside is the wait time – waiting for the batch to open, close, get made, get inspected, and get shipped. But the upside is the amazing price for what you get, the overall quality of the blade and fittings, and our fine tooth comb QC – these swords are seriously underpriced and it is no wonder that people keep asking ‘can we take orders yet?’…

Well, the answer is, very soon – and if all goes well – we will be able to offer some Black Dragon swords from stock at the same time.. So watch this space SBG Custom Katana fans..!

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