Oops, we meant the 6th – not the 4th (plus quick update)…

Hi everyone!

I just realized that the stores vacation this year has been advertised as going from the 23rd of Dec to the 4th of Jan..

Sat the 4th, not ideal to commence shipping on and not correct.. The date we had meant to publish was of course Monday the 6th of January and NOT Saturday the 4th as mistakenly advertised..

Anyway, I hope people can be patient with us just a little longer..

In all honesty, we avoid holding Christmas sales per se the last 2 weeks are the WORST for damages, problems, lost items, mix ups and all the major carriers get overheated, overstressed and all in all – its a REALLY bad time to ship vulnerable to breakage and/or non regular shaped parcels – like swords – and it not ending up something like this…

So please be patient with us until the team get back in the saddle on MONDAY the 6th.. We have quite a backlog to tackle and we need to allow a little time for everyone to settle back down from holiday mode and generally get the motor running and get a handle on the backlog, so please rest assured we will do our best to get ack to any loose ends or emails from the holiday period as quickly as we can..


Its going to a pretty big year for SBG as a whole. Indeed regular or semi-regular site and store visitors may well have noticed a series of rolling improvements occuring to the store since around the 15th of December, and even a cursory look at some older images of the store cached by google shows that behind the scenes at the store, there have been major
 changes to both the way it looks and fundamentally operates..

I will save more detailed explanations of what has changed and what is omgoing in another post, but in the meantime just wanted to correct the store opening typo thing and suggest that if you have not visited the store or a few days you might be somewhat surprised at some of the things showing up as the secure update continues to roll out..

To whet your appetite, we have a lot of very cool swords in stock and ready to ship right now that have or will become available to purchase over the course of the next week or so in a new section of the website called appropriately enough..

New Products..

While I think the products designated for this list are exciting, I struggled with how to sum up “new products” in the themed ackground and header.. Actually, it looks terrible – but I am fairly new to using photoshop in any serious way so while I like some of the designs, its my least favorite..

Favorite new theme – SBG Black Dragon Forge!

 I have been doing all the photoshopping nonsense over the last few weeks and am happy with the way most turned out, but this is my fav.

The fire is all from a picture of the actual forge where the SBG custom katana and later some limited edition runs of popular designs have been made since the beginning..

The Black Dragon was our most popular sword – and leading with a small batch of just under 40 swords listed for sale only a few hours previous, – well, we think the “SBG Black Dragon Forge” just sounds cool and fits for us in some way.. But I dont know..

The actual page that is currently hosting this stock of lackdragons is also the page whose top graphic I KNOW is just, well – I was just trying to drum up excitement as the theme in picture form and got, er, this..

It is ridiculous I know.

My Canadian agent friend who has also been a major part of the whole success of these very popular and well received swords said of the hatching dragon in the image that maybe I really have been living in Kawaii obsesssed Japan for too long..

But I dont kmow, how can I really capture how exciting and cool this page will be

And I dont know, its I thought amusing at first, but when you have a botique run of the Black Dragon Katana appear for sale along with the last release of the last few Jian of Marquis Yi on one page as a WARM UP – this is as good as anything else..

But anyway, thats all for now – will post again soon as there is quite a lot going on and even more generally in store around the place in the next few months for you, so until then – watch this space!!!


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