Launch 2 of 2: The SBG Custom Katana LITE!


A Custom Katana LITE Prototype

From one end of the price spectrum to the other, the SBG Custom Katana returns to it’s roots with the Budget Model LITE series!

This is as, if not MORE revolutionary than Custom Katana 3.0 – a custom Katana available for just $229.99!!

So how do we get the price down so low?

Instead of T-10 tool steel (which is hard to work with, but produces a magnificent blade and hamon) we use basic clay tempered 1050 (which is easy to work with, but produces a lightweight munitions grade blade and hamon).

Instead of a high leve polish and geometric kissaki and bo-hi, we use the standard options everyone else does.

Instead of Iron or Work Hardened Elite Copper Sets, we settle with basic brass and alloy. And we also limit the total number of choices (56 iron/copper tsuba with 3.0, 36 brass/alloy with the lite).

And we make all the blades to one size (28″) tough with 3.0 you get to select 27, 28 or 29″ blades.

But despite these limitations, the end result is a decently made, quality assured custom sword suitable for light cutting duty – and what it loses in durability it makes up for in speed, even the solid bodied blade version handles super fast and weights only 2lbs 3oz! Go the bo-hi and good luck tracking the blade in movement!

Anyway, here’s one we made earlier 😉 Want to make the same thing? How about with black ito? Or a blood red saya? That’s te beauty of this project. YOU CAN!

Check the new options out here at the SBG Custom Katana Store Page – in the meantime, some very affordable, customizable eye candy for you all..


Custom Katana LITE in textured S11 Saya


The natural, UN-enhanced hamon


Fast, well balanced – and – well, LITE!


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Launch 1 of 2: Project X The Dragon Dao!

It has been brewing away behind the scenes for months now – the next stunning heirloom quality sword by Project X Chinese, the ferocious Dragon Dao by Master Sword-smith Xiaolong.

While clearly it is not a low priced piece, it is available to pre-order at a MASSIVELY discounted price: the only other way to get this sword would be to travel to Longquan personally and pay the full price, so the total cost plus airtickets, accomodation etc required to obtain one could easily run into US$5,000plus..

So naturally enough, if you CAN swing it, these are quite an amazing investment – being made available at what is essentailly a WHOLESALE price..

But only if you are quick..

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– Paul

Custom Katana Blog joins the fray

Just a very quick update, the new blog is now pretty much 100% operational and we have just finished migrating all the posts and content from the custom katana blog so everything is all in one place..

Again, this extra functionality is needed, because within the next week we will be making a rather exciting announcement regarding the custom katana..! I can’t provide too many additional details at this point, but if you are a custom katana fan, stay tuned for a major (and very positive) shakeup!

Welcome to the new look SBG Sword Store blog!

First off, as the title of this post suggests, welcome to the new look SBG Sword Store blog!

Of course, it is not just the appearance of the blog that is different. Indeed, as anyone who has been a regular SBG site and store visitor could tell you, since March the site, store and now the blog have all changed their basic apperance!

But as with the other changes, they were more than skin deep – having added new functionality for the future by migrating the blog from blogger (which served us well for many a year and which I can highly recommend) to our own hosted wordpress blog.

You will see exactly how this will transform and I hope make the sword store blog even more useful and interesting over the coming weeks and months.

But in the meantime, stay tuned – another reason for transferring to our own, more robust platform is because we plan on posting a lot more often than we did with blogger. And as we have not posted for a while, and we are about to release TWO new SBG exclusive products witin the next 2 weeks as well as many other exciting developments coming to a head, we have a lot of news to share…!

Talk to you all again soon, and thanks for bearing with us while we remodelled the site and the store. What you see now is pretty much what we plan to be using, and while there are still a few more tweaks here and there, the foundation is solid – no major disorentating changes from now, I promise!

– Paul

Batch 24 Pics

Hi all,

Sometimes, no news is good news, and to date that has been the case with batch 24 of the SBG custom Katana – officially due to arrive between the 5th and 15th of July (sorry, a little confusion on the due date on this one – officially it should be the 15th of July but elsewhere I may have accidently mentioned the 5th of July..)

Either way, we are most definitely on or even slightly ahead of schedule, so here are the first pictures direct from the forge of some of the completed batch 24 Katana, many of which are already well on the way to our agent for sorting, inspection and final shipping.

So without any further ramble – have a look and see what you think!

Really quite an eclectic mix, who knows maybe you can see YOUR design in there!

Talk to you all when we have some more news (and you had better believe it when we say that very soon we will have some extremely exciting news), but in the meantime – we are on schedule and on track across the board. 🙂

– Paul