SBG Custom Katana: A quick and unofficial update…

Ok, just wanted to let people know where we are up to as the 18th has nearly been and gone and we haven’t given the official ‘go’ signal for batch 18..

First off, the previous batch (batch 17) has started being received by my agent in Canada and he is opening up the cartons and beginning the sorting and inspecting period over the weekend. People with batch 17 orders should be receiving an official update on this shortly, but right now I am having some kind of technical glitch and cannot log into the store to update the appropriate files which is a bit of a pain.

Unofficially though we have ‘taken the brakes off’ and we are NOW able to accept new custom Katana orders even though the official announcement has not gone out yet.

I am doing it this way to try to ensure there is not a massive rush and we end up closing off before people who have REALLY been waiting patiently for this (i.e. people reading this blog!) gets a fair chance to do so as they sell waaay to fast for their own good. So for those of you who just cant stand the waiting and anticipation any more and are dilligent enough to check this blog – well, you can get in as an early bird now (it DOESN’T effect how soon you will receive your sword by the way – they all get made as a single group remember. It just gets you a high prized place in the batch)..

To everyone who is waiting for a response via email, please bear with me – I’m answering them personally and my answers are rarely short ones.. I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

SBG Custom Katana

Thanks all,
– Paul

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