SBG Custom Katana – FINALLY Taking New Orders..

From the emails I have been getting the last couple of months THIS is the blog post announcement that many of you have been waiting for..

With Batch 41 now 90% shipped (and easily one of our best batches ever, with a 0% error rate for the selected customizations and only a couple of very minor QC issues that most other companies would gloss over, but not on the SBG Custom Katana..) we are FINALLY ready to start taking new orders on the SBG Custom Katana series..

The order period will only be from the 17th of October to the 29th (we need to keep it short to ensure we don’t run into the shutdown for Chinese New Year) so don’t put it off, it is only a 12 day window of opportunity and once it shuts, it will not be until this batch comes in in February that we will be offering another chance to get one of these fantastic swords (honestly, we really should increase the pricing on these – right now we only just break even, and treat the $500 swords as $1000+ blades with the two levels of quality checks we apply to this line).

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