Two New “Art Swords” from Ryujin

The blades are strong – 1045 monotempered carbon steel – always the best choice for an entry level blade (keeping it simple).

The fittings, visually stunning – original, and not your standard run of the mill stuff for swords at this price point – but not over the top and overpowering.

In short, when it comes to attractive display swords that don’t cut corners where it counts and have a sturdy blade that is strong enough for frequent cutting (the fancier you get with a low priced blade, the higher chance it is rendered useless and non functional or has numerous unseen fatal flaws) – Ryujin Swords are the brand you need to take a close and serious look at.

Here is the first of the two new Art Sword designs that have just now become available to purchase – the first, the stunning Blue Sakura

A nice subtle choice of colors on this one, with blue sageo and itomaki in a ‘Battle wrap’ style (also rarely seen on swords below $100) and a highly detailed saya with Red Sakura cherry blossoms.

Another close up picture of the hilt:

And the second one, slightly cheaper (by $5) – it’s brighter cousin, the Green Battle Dragon Art Sword which has the same kind of style and theme but with different colors that make it more lively than the Sakura.

Once again, it has the distinctive battle wrap common to these two new designs. Here is a close up:

Both these two new designs, and the existing 7 swords in the series bringing the total to 9 different unique styles.

Check them all out here

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