Two New Scorpion Swords Models

Over the years, Missouri based budget friendly blade maker Chris Palmer has continued to expand his rage of available sword models – and today we see another 2 blades join the line up, bringing the total number of available swords and large knives in his repertoire to 34 different models.

The first new addition to his blade family is a short but deadly replica of a Roman Legionaries Gladius that packs one heck of a punch..

As is often the case with modern replicas, if the Romans actually had a sword made from this quality steel and tempered like Scorpion Swords do, their Empire might have expanded even quicker than it did – as this modern recreation would literally chew up and destroy any contemporary sword that dared to stand against it..

As always, it is a quite the bargain at just $249.99..

And the next one is a the SECOND variation of a VERY utilitarian blade design, the Dark Filipino Ginunting (click here for the original version).

The name itself effectively translates to ‘Scissor blade’ as they are reminiscent of one half of a pair of particularly savage looking scissors, and as you might suspect, they are optimized for deadly shearing cuts and quick, deep flicking hacks. So much so that these blades are a principal sidearm of the Filipino Marine Corp, making them the only military in the world widely that still arms itself with swords (and boy, do they know how to actually USE them!)..

And again, it is bargain priced at just $259.99..

Check out the full Scorpion Swords line up below, if you haven’t taken a good look before you are in a for a treat..

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