Tatami Mats Available (but not for long!)

The 2020s have seen sources for Tatami cutting mats pretty much go dry and they have become almost as rare as hens teeth. But if you are quick, we just secured a small shipment of 10 boxes of 20 mats per box and despite their rarity and an incredible amount of backlogged pressure, they are STILL available at the bargain price of $209.99 which works out to be a very reasonable $10.49 per mat (and as you probably know, you can stretch the mats further by rolling half mats with a bamboo core).

Plus, we also have assemble yourself cutting stands for those who don’t have one or who can’t be bothered to DIY one yourself.

Grab ’em while they are still in stock because with no price increase and years of very limited availability, they are sure to sell out fast!

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