Darksword Armory Fantasy Sword Closeouts

To make room for newer, more ornate (and more expensive) Fantasy sword models, Darksword Armory have decided to clear some of their older classic models and are discontinuing the Carpathian, the Nomad and the Two Handed Viking Sword..

All three swords are being liquidated at $75 off PLUS exclusive to SBG each one comes with free shipping and a free sharpening service (Darksword blades are usually unsharpened by default).

Amazing value – grab them while you can because once they are gone, these models are gone for good..

All this and more in the:


Two New Additions to the Ronin Katana Euro Line

The wildly popular Euro Sword line by Ronin Katana gets a little bigger with two new and extremely attractive additions with classic ‘fish tail’ pommels.

Model 4 is an extremely powerful arming sword – and the fish tail pommel allows it to be used hand and a half style if so desired (making it similar to one of my favorite swords in the Oakeshott typology. Type XIII)

Model 5 is a classic Italian style Longsword with an emphasis on the thrust, but being quite heavy can also be used to deliver rather powerful cuts.

Side Note – ‘Missing’ Sword Numbers..

You might be wondering why these two new swords are numbered models 4 and 5 when there is a model 13 sword.. Why not models 14 and 15?

The reason is that the first launch of the Euro line had 6 models, but the batch was not quite up to Ronin’s high standards so was liquidated on the cheap and followed up by models 7, 8 and 9 as the original 6 were still being sold off..

This meant that there was a bit of a gap – and so the most recent models start again at Model 1 – leaving only 1 more to go (Model 6, which has not been released yet) before the numbering is back on track. Just in case you were curious or it was triggering your OCD like it does mine.. Lol.

Both are attractive, sturdy and extremely well made – and part of the reason they are such good value for money is because they are severely underpriced – in all honesty these are $500 swords being sold so close to the actual cost to make them that eventually something will have to give and the current low pricing will come to an end.

RONIN KATANA – the Euro Line

Seraph Aegis Now Available to Order..!

Exclusive to the Official SBG Sword Store

Made as a collaboration between Master Blade Smith Michael Ye and US based artisan Jeffrey R. Robinson, the Seraph Aegis from the Legendary Swords project is truly one of the finest swords we have ever had the pleasure of making available to discerning sword collectors.

Rather than repeat myself – you can see more pics and read more about the project here at the Legendary Swords blog – otherwise, if you have been waiting for this one, it is priced to sell at the absolute lowest price we can make it available for until the 31st of January or until sold out.

Check it out in the store here

Some fresh stock landed

Even though we do not stock our swords at a big central location, we always do our best to ensure that the items we offer from our major sword suppliers have clearly marked and up to date stock statuses.

Well, we just finished another ‘stock-take’ and are really pleased to see some rarely available swords for sale by Cas Iberia and Hanwei – some of which have literally not been seen in many a year – and yet are still available at 2010 prices..!

So many Bastards..

During our stocktake we found that our distributor for Hanwei – Cas Iberia – had snuck in some true classics from their medieval lines – including three popular bastards (swords that is) that are a must have for any serious medieval sword enthusiast.


Check them all out in the Hanwei Medieval Sword Section HERE

For the Quick..

If you are quick, the usually almost always backordered fully functional Lord of the Rings Replica of the Ranger Sword is currently in stock at Darksword – but the way they sell, it may only be there for another day or two.

In stock right now – but you had better be quick..

Happy New Year – Back to Business as Usual

Hope you all had a great time over the holiday period – I spent the time almost entirely ‘unplugged’ from the internet and with family members that are usually several thousand miles away and made many great memories both for them and for myself..

Of course, the only disadvantage to taking time off like this is that there is a small mountain of work that has piled up while I was away, and so it’s time to roll up sleeves and get everything back on track before we can kick the year off in earnest..

January should actually be a very interesting month, as several new and exciting products – mostly to do with our Legendary Swords Project – are about to come to fruition.

But first things first, there is a rather large load of emails and customer service related stuff that needs my immediate attention – so if you did email me directly over the holiday period or had a customer service issue escalated to me personally over the period that we were officially closed, please bear with me for a day or two while I go through them all and ensure everything is properly addressed (if you ever have emailed me personally before, you will know my replies are always very detailed and reflect my personal commitment to the best possible customer service – but of course this takes time, and I will be working backwards from the oldest contact to the most recent and continue to follow up until each inquiry is resolved to our customers satisfaction).

As such, if you are waiting for a reply from me, please be patient – I promise you I will do my best to get back to you as fast as humanly possible – and then, once up to date, stay tuned. As I said, 2019 is going to start off with some very interesting releases..!

Will update you all again shortly – if you held off emailing me or feel that something slipped through the cracks during the holiday period (our skeleton staff actually kept things running fairly smoothly while we were officially ‘closed’) feel free to contact me here

Thanks all!