Two New Hot Specials from Dragon King

The Hot Specials Section is bursting at the seams right now with two new extremely hot specials from our friends at Dragon King.

Until recently these swords were sold for $829.99 each – but from now until the end of the month you can pick them up at almost half price for just $499.99 with FREE SHIPPING in the USA.

Considering that these T10 tool steel blades have such a stunning level of polish, amazing quality fittings and are some of the best sub $1000 swords currently on the market, this is a deal that you really should take a close look at if you are a fan of high quality Japanese style swords.

I mean, just take a look at how crisp, clean and prominent the polish is on the natural hamon and you will see that they are in a league of their own.

Stunning natural hamon with high level polish

Geometric Yokotote with high end polish and thick and juicy boshi

But as the complete package, the blades are complimented by top quality fittings assembled with an eye for detail that has made Dragon King one of the very best of the best in just a couple of years.

An example of the workmanship of the Kohaku Katana..

It really doesn’t get much better than this for a production sword – and when you consider that they are just $499.99 (and shipping is FREE) – yeah, need I say more?

Click here to see the Hot Specials Line Up

Hanwei Forge Medieval Swords Update

For fans of fully functional, affordable and ready to ship medieval swords – this is the restock you have been waiting for..

Some of Hanwei’s best designs have just been restocked – including the hard to get Tinker Pearce collaborations such as the Sharp Longsword and Sharp Bastard Sword (less than 5 of each available) and the classic and affordable (starting at $199.99) beater swords from the classic medieval series.

Many of these swords have not been available for over 6 months, and stocks are sorely limited. So definitely get in while you can.

Check out the full range here

(Sorry, USA orders only)



Ryujin Custom Katana Mega Sale Now On!

Our friends at the Ryujin Custom Katana warehouse are overstocked – and with Christmas just around the corner, we are offering the very best deal on genuine Ryujin T10 Tool Steel Custom Katana EVER seen..!

From today until the 10th of December you can pick up the classic Musashi iron tsuba themed limited edition version of the Ryujin Custom Katana for not $269.99 but just $179.99!!

And even the Elite Choji Hamon Musashi Tsuba version is also on special, down to just $399.99!!

And for those of you who are quick enough, we also have a very limited restock of the Custom O-Katana, available at the special introductory price of just $229.99! (but this one, due to its overall length, is only available to US customers).

The Limited Edition New O Katana Just $229.99

Assembled and shipped in less than a week from the Ryujin workshop in California, this is a truly amazing deal that experienced sword buyers know doesn’t come around like this very often.

So grab what you can while you can!

Check out the full Ryujin line up here

And Batch 42 is closed..

We just closed off on batch 42 a couple of minutes ago – and will spend the next 3-4 days finalizing the details before we send all the orders off to the forge accordingly.

The next batch (Batch 43) will be available in mid to late February – so if you missed out this time around, there is PLENTY of time to think about your design.

Less than 24 hours to go…

Yes, now less than 24 hours to go before the window of opportunity to order a custom made sword in batch 42 of the SBG Custom Katana slams shut…

This, the second and last batch for 2017, prominently features red and black fittings this time around, and the folded blade option and upgraded Rayskin saya are also very popular. Below is a collage of all the mockups of the designs we have under our belt so far.

Haven’t seen any Daisho sets this time around or tanto, but there is one REALLY nice Wakizashi in there with the works – Sanmai folded T10 blade with real hamon, rayskin reinforced saya, optional koshirae set – you name it – it has it, and for all that is $649 – which is an insane price considering all the work and 2 levels of QC checks we subject these too.. (and unlike many other so called custom sword offerings, we actually DELIVER what was ordered)..

So if you want to get your order in before it is too late, you have less than 21 hours to get it in before this post becomes rather irrelevant..!

SBG Custom Katana