Some New Tsuba’s for the Forge Direct Custom Katana Series

Just a quick update – we just added a 8 new tsuba options to the Forge Direct Elite Custom Katana series as below, bringing the total number of tsuba options now up to 52.

Yes, we could have added more tsuba like some of the eBay sellers who cheap out using rather fragile zinc alloy tsuba – but for the Forge Direct Line only the best quality ones will do..

So you can rest assured that these not only look good, but they are solid, durable and the best quality they can be..

Forge Direct – the Relaunch and Mega Sale!

Several months ago, changes at the forges in China forced us to withdraw our line of Forge Direct swords to retool and regroup.

And so, after several months on hiatus, we are delighted to bring back Forge Direct with a vengeance – and a mega sale to go along with it!

Yes, that is right – the forge has offered us a huge discount to accumulate some orders over the Chinese New Year period ready for them to get to work on from the 23rd of February when they resume work (and the best part is, not only is it one of the best seasons for sword forging in China, but the master smiths are fully refreshed from their break and it is this time of year that they do some of their BEST work!).

But it gets even better, because – like with Scorpion Swords – a new line of Asian Fantasy style swords has just been released under the Legendary Swords banner!

Here is one of my favorites, and also one of the most affordable – the Dragon Tongue, a folded and hand forged sturdy blade with fantastical Dragon themed hilt – normally $549.99 but just $412.49 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the full forge direct relaunch here!

Scratch and Dent Sale

We just added four one off scratch and dent/used swords to the Hot Specials section that are up for grabs – two from the Black Dragon Forge and two from Project X.

Here are the swords currently available:

SanMai Laminated Black Dragon Forge Katana

This one has the works – leather ito wrap, rayskin wrapped saya, Sanmai lamination and all black fittings, but seasonal weather changes caused the wooden tsuka to shrink slightly, so it had to be permanently attached. Price for it as new would be $654.99 but available to one lucky, quick person for just $369.99 with FREE SHIPPING to Canada or the USA.

Last Black Dragon Elite

This is the VERY LAST of the SBG Black Dragon Elites – they cannot be made this way again as both the fittings and the Mother of Pearl Saya are no longer available to us. It does have a couple of minor issues – like the first sword it cannot be disassembled and the Mother of Pearl inlay is a bit blurry/imperfect…

But for the $369.99 price tag (and also with FREE SHIPPING to the USA and Canada) it is quite the bargain, and as you can see from the pics, the blade is of course, absolutely stunning..

And then there are the two swords from Project X – both rare and pretty much impossible to get anytime soon.

The first is a Feathersteel Jian with some minor cosmetic imperfections of the fittings that was remade for the original customer. Normal price, $1,600 – but this last one is available for less than half price at $750..

And then there is a Hybrid Wakizashi/Ko Katana that was lightly used and has been returned, a sword that is no longer available to purchase, so this will be the last chance to EVER get this particular design – for $200 less than the original purchase price with NO waiting..

Only one of each sword is available, and once they are gone they are gone for good.

Limited Release – 3 New Swords from the Legendary Swords Project!

We have already seen one early bird release ahead of the scheduled beta launch of our dedicated Battle Ready Fantasy Sword website, the Legendary Swords Project – Odin’s Oar by John Lundemo and KC Lund..

But at $2750, it is outside the range of the average sword buyer. So here are some offerings for everyone else..!


The first three swords from the Legendary Swords series by Scorpion Swords!

As this is a limited release ahead of the launch of the official site, there are ONLY 10 PCS OF EACH DESIGN AVAILABLE TO PRE-PURCHASE. Once we have reached 10 orders of each design, then they will not be available again until the site is officially launched.

So here they are for you early birds out there – 3 extremely tough, hard wearing 1095 carbon steel blades designed by members of the SBG community..


The Early Aeultian Gladius: $329.99

The magical sidearm of the Aelutian Imperial Legionnaires, this sword was in use for over 2000 years. The legend of this sword is that it is made from ‘Coronatite’, is nearly indestructible and has armor piercing qualities – which isn’t far from the reality of this tough, hard wearing Fantasy Gladius..

Click here for more information


Sword of the Goblin King $284.99

This wicked, spiky, mean sword with dark moon glyphs looks like any other Goblin sword in Eletreus. But this poisoned blade made from ‘Goblin Steel’ belongs to the notorious and mysterious Goblin King of Shamble Island and has been enchanted by powerful and sinister Goblin magic. Click here for the designers hands on review.

Click here for more information

The Orc Kings War Cleaver

The Orc Kings War Cleaver $284.99

In the broken Kingdom of Thane, the Orcs rise again. This time, the tribes are united by a powerful Orc Warlord in league with an ancient evil – and in his hands is THIS powerful chopping blade, thirsty for blood and slaughter, the only thing the Orcs excel in..

Click here for more information

Priced to sell and with limited availability, this is a great chance to grab a piece of SBG history before the official launch of the Legendary Swords website.

So enjoy folks – these truly are original BATTLE READY fantasy sword designs that we hope will spark a new trend in the sword industry!

– Paul

New: The Ryujin Custom Katana – Bamboo introductory special!

Over the years, there have been several extremely good value for money swords on the market either called ‘the bamboo’ or with a bamboo themed koshirae set.

So it is only fitting that our latest sub version of the full Ryujin Custom Katana should adopt this tradition as it own – after all, these are some of the best cutting, hard wearing traditional Katana blades you can get on the market for under $300.

But with this special deal, the value for money factor is off the charts.

For just $179.99 you get a T10 tool steel blade with real hamon temper line, your choice of a bo-hi option (for a faster, lighter sword) or a no-hi/solid bodied blade version (for a powercutter), iron bamboo themed tsuba, iron fittings and your choice of 5 different tsuka/handle colors and 7 different saya/sheathes!

PLUS, we are also bringing back the pre-Christmas sale price on our other newest Ryujin custom option sword, the sleek, slimline Aikuchi series custom Katana.

Click here to check them both out in the Ryujin Section of our Store Here