A very lucky mistake for some..

Usually when a business makes a mistake, understandably in most cases it is the customer who gets upset.. But sometimes when a business makes a mistake, the customer accidentally gets the deal of a lifetime…

Well, it just came to our attention that there has been a mistake in the latter category – because every customer who ordered one of the Ryujin Wakizashi was getting much more than they bargained and paid for…

I don’t know why I didn’t see it either – and looking back at it in hindsight – it’s glaringly obvious..

Just take a look at the picture below at the bo-hi and no-hi versions of this Wakizashi paying particular attention to the hamon temper line..

Click for a close up pic to see what I am seeing now..

Yes, that’s right. The Ryujin Custom Wakizashi were not the standard T10 tool steel differentially hardened blades to match the $229 Ryujin Custom Katana.. They are the ELITE Choji Midare Hamon versions to match the $469 Ryujin Custom Sword..!

This has meant for the longest time both Ryujin and SBG have been selling these excellent blades BELOW COST and every customer who ordered one unwittingly got more than they bargained for in a very good way..!

Naturally, we need to correct this quickly – it can’t continue to be sold anywhere near the $184 price tag they are currently going for. But here’s one last special chance – while we wait to get the correct adjusted pricing from the forge and raise it up to a price where we aren’t actually all losing money selling it – it is STILL available at the $184 price – but only for a day or two at the most..

So if you are a bargain hunter and in the market for a cool custom Wakizashi with a very lively and prominent natural hamon – you had better grab one of these at the accidental pricing before they go up rather significantly in price..

Choji Elite Wakizashi – with bo-hi

Choji Elite Wakizashi – no-hi

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